Tips to Prepare Your Awning for Winter

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As the summer fades away and fall rolls in, we start thinking about putting our patio furniture away for the upcoming winter. Hot summer days sipping a cooler on the deck under the awning are replaced with a barren patio, empty flowers planters and pool closings. Now is an excellent time of year to ensure… Read more »

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Awning for Your Business

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Commercial awnings are popular among all sorts of businesses ranging from retail stores to restaurants, and even for professional services. In addition to serving an aesthetic purpose, awnings can provide advertising space for businesses, help keep stores cooler during the summer months, and provide shelter for pedestrians – possibly causing them to linger long enough… Read more »

What is Pitch and Why is it Important?

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If you are purchasing an awning for your home in Ottawa, you will quickly start learning some new terminology. One of the terms you may have already started to hear while shopping around for an awning is the term “pitch.”     What is Pitch and Why is it Important? In the context of an… Read more »

How to Choose Awning Fabric for Your Outdoor Space

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Adding an awning to your home has many tangible benefits. It can enhance your home’s outward visual appeal and also increase the resale value of the property because it sets your home apart from the rest.     Adding an awning is a very inexpensive way to extend the exterior living space of your home… Read more »

What to Look for In an Awning Company

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Awnings can dramatically improve the look of your home and enhance your outdoor spaces. They can make these open areas livable and enjoyable all year round   Retractable awnings are an essential investment to the aesthetic landscaping and functionality of a home. Not only do they extend outdoor living spaces, but they also lower energy… Read more »

How to Attach an Awning to a Building

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Are you considering installing an awning onto your building? Great decision! Although you probably already know about the fantastic benefits awnings provide, you may not know how they attach to your building. We’ve got the answers for you here!     Installing Awnings Safely and Easily Usually, awnings and canopies are attached to the face… Read more »

Secure Your Business with Rolling Security Shutters

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When you own a business, you want to do everything in your power to keep it safe and protected. Any business owner knows that it’s a frightening thought to have their business exposed to a thief or intruder. Unfortunately, every year, unprotected businesses and commercial buildings incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and lost profit… Read more »