Retractable Screening

Retractable Screenings enclose large areas without obstructing views or detracting from architectural design. Great for patios, gazebos or sunrooms. We specialize in creating motorized retractable screens in Ottawa.

Retractable screens are ideal for enhancing your garage, patio, porch, gazebos or other large openings. They are perfect for entertaining friends and family or relaxing alone. Motorized retractable screens will help you enjoy your both your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and comfort.

All of our products are functional and look great. They are barely visible when in use and do not obstruct your views. And when not in use, they disappear into their protective casing and will be out of sight.

There are a lot of possible uses for retractable screening. Some of the most popular applications include motorized garage screens, patio screens and door screens.

Our retractable screening products are made to enhance natural ventilation, while reducing glare from the sun and keeping annoying mosquitos and other bugs out. They also provide additional privacy and security to your area.

Talius Habitat Screens

Talius Habitat Screens are installed on the outside of windows to stop the sun's heat and glare before it hits the window. It is made of material that is designed to absorb and reflect the sun's glare. This way customers can still enjoy the view, but avoid the sun's glare. In addition, it offers privacy by day as well as at night.

If the screens are left in the down position, they will additionally protect against insects. However with heavy window conditions, they should be raised. Wind sensors can be installed to automatically retract the screen when it gets too windy.

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