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When you run a business, you may have the luxury of owning the building you operate out of, or you may have to share space with other businesses. Either way, you’ll want to find ways to make your business better, and you’re likely looking for ways to enhance the physical space of your business. A commercial awning can be a great addition to any business space and a very worthwhile investment. Here are five benefits to having a commercial awning in front of your Ottawa business.


Patio Awning Restaurant

Improved Advertising with Commercial Awnings

An awning sticks out from the building, and it can double as an advertising space. Unique awnings with branding on them will give your business visibility and make it memorable to those passing by. Furthermore, if your business is the only one in the area with an awning in front of it, then it’s sure to catch people’s eyes.

Increased Usable Space

This is especially important if your business is a restaurant or café (and even more important in the era of physical distancing). With an awning on the outside of your business space, you can create some sitting space outdoors for your customers to enjoy. The awning provides shade from the sun and protection from the rain if your customers want to sit outside.

Increased Visibility with Commercial Awnings

A business with a unique or colourful awning on the front will always stick out in people’s minds. Whether they remember the name of your business or not, they will remember what it looked like. By giving your customers something unique to remember, they can recommend you to their friends, and bring more business in.

Storefront Protection from the Elements

Do you have a big window in the front of your store that is perfect for displaying your product, but you’re worried about the sun ruining it? Placing an awning over the storefront of your business can help provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays so you can set up that beautiful display you’ve been dreaming about. Furthermore, when the weather turns cold during one of those frigid Ottawa winters, an awning will reduce the amount of snow and slush that gathers in front of your business. In turn, this will minimize the amount of snow and sidewalk salt that is dragged into your store when customers come in. The less snow coming into your store, the better all-around it will look and easy for you to keep clean.

Save Money on Utilities

If you pay for the utilities for the space that you use for your business, then this benefit is a big deal for you. If your shop gets a lot of sun exposure, then having an awning in front of it can help reduce the amount of heat that comes in during the day. The less heat that’s coming in means less cooling you’ll have to do. Additionally, you could invest in a retractable awning so that you could get the benefits of the sun in the winter and warm your store naturally.

The storefront of your business is what customers will remember, and an awning can help increase the presence of your Ottawa business. Give your customers something to remember you by, and to recognize your store right away.

If you would like to explore the options for a commercial awning for your business, we can help. Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today.

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Even though you take some precautions to protect your business, theft and vandalism and even damage from the elements can happen, and the clean-up can and repair cost can be pricey. If you could further protect your business from incidents like these, wouldn’t you? Security shutters are a great way to protect the storefront of your business from events outside of your control. Here’s why you need to consider adding security shutters to your Ottawa business. 

business rollshutters

Custom Fit to Your Space

Exterior shutters can be made to protect the windows, doors and even shelves and standalone cases inside your business. These shutters are custom built to fit the space you have, and they can be connected to any alarm system you already have in place. Whether you have a lot of storefront to cover, or just a little bit, you can design the shutters to give the exact amount of security coverage you need for your business. 

Keep a Professional Look 

You have worked diligently to ensure your storefront stays looking professional, clean and inviting to your customers. Some forms of security can make the store look like it’s an unsafe place to shop if you need that much, and that can damage the business you attract to your store. With security shutters, the roller garage doors allow you to maintain a very professional look while adding top-notch security to your storefront. 

Choose Your Style

Every business has its own brand and unique appearance, so why should the security protecting them be the same? With security shutters, you can select from a variety of style and colour options to match your Ottawa storefront. Some options allow you to see through them so that you have full view of the store while giving you top-notch protection. Regardless of the shutter style you choose, you won’t have to compromise on the security of your store or worry about your hard work being ruined by acts of theft or vandalism. 

Professional Installation

When you purchase security shutters for your retail storefront from Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, we will make sure they are installed properly. We know that making this purchase is a large investment in the future of your business, so we want to make sure it’s installed properly, and you get the maximum amount of security for your business. 

When you’ve worked for years to build your business in Ottawa, you want to make sure you protect your hard work and dedication. Small business owners don’t always have the benefit of big protection and security systems that larger corporations have, so they need to take extra precautions on their own. We want to help make sure your retail storefront stays beautiful and attracts customers o your business continues to grow. Let our security shutters protect your storefront when you can’t be there. 

To learn more about security shutters for your business, contact us today. 

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There’s almost nothing better during summers in Ottawa than lounging around your backyard on those warm summer days, but that enjoyment can be cut short if there isn’t any privacy to create some peace and quiet. If your outdoor space doesn’t have much privacy, there are ways you can easily – and inexpensively – create your very own paradise where neighbours won’t be able to hear and see everything you’re doing, without fencing in your yard. This summer, here are a few ideas for making your backyard space everything you want it to be. 

Retractable Screens

Super-Sized Planters

Sometimes homeowners don’t want to fence in their yard, for various reasons, but they crave a bit of privacy. Some homeowners plant large shrubs along the perimeter of their property, but this can be quite expensive and sometimes will take years to fill out. An alternative to this is to purchase super-sized planters and fill them with large plants. What’s great about this is that you can choose to section of a portion of your yard to give privacy and leave the rest open if you want. This option is relatively inexpensive, unless you choose to fill the planters with pricey plants or flowers that take a lot of maintenance and upkeep. You can select to change your plants every year, too. 

Outdoor Curtains

If you have a patio or deck space, you likely already have a great set up for outdoor curtains. You can pick your curtains to match your style, and they can be pinned back so you can choose how much privacy you have. These curtains can also help to keep sun out if you’re trying to enjoy your morning coffee or dinner with your family. Additionally, these are not a permanent fixture so if you find they give you too much privacy or not enough, you can choose to change it up every season. 

Retractable Screens & Privacy

Retractable screens – a product offered by Jans Awnings – is a very budget-friendly way to give yourself some privacy in your backyard this summer. The screen can be anchored to a deck or patio, or even to your house depending on the kind you purchase and they come in a variety of sizes so you’ll be able to find exactly the one you’re looking for. These screens are easy to use, and they look sleek and sophisticated.

We might be stuck at home this summer and not be able to travel far for our regular summer vacations, so it’ll be important to make sure we make the most of our time at home. Make sure you enjoy the beautiful Ottawa summer days and nights with some privacy in your backyard. Whether you hang outdoor curtains or put up a privacy screen, you will be soaking up the sun in your very own private paradise. 

To learn more about how you can use retractable screens to improve the privacy you have in your backyard, contact Jans Awnings today. 

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If you’re looking to make some upgrades to your outdoor living space, a retractable awning is one that you’re certain to enjoy. A retractable awning allows you to block out the intense heat from the sun while enjoying the outdoors – or – roll the awning back and enjoy the cool summer evenings watching the stars.


Retractable Awning


No matter how you plan to enjoy the warm summer months in Ottawa, a retractable awning is a great addition to any outdoor space. Before you purchase one, though, you likely want to know how long your investment will last and whether it needs regular maintenance. Here’s everything you need to know about a retractable awning. 

Awning Frames

Any awning you buy, even a retractable one, will have two parts: the frame and the fabric. The frame will be the portion that attaches to your home (or other building) to secure it and make sure it has enough support for the weight of the fabric.

The frame is meant to withstand damage from the elements: wind, rain, etc. Though with a retractable awning, to get the longest life, it’s best to make sure it’s fully retracted during inclement weather and the harsh Ottawa winters. If you’ve purchased a high-quality frame and it’s cared for properly, you could get over 20 years with the frame itself. 

Awning Fabric

The next big part on any awning is the fabric covering the frame. With a retractable awning and even most stationary ones, the fabric is removable so you can wash it as needed. Fabric that is not high-quality and durable could fade and wear very quickly when exposed to the intense summer heat, and also become riddled with holes if not taken down in the winter.

If you’re making a quality investment, then it’s important to care for the fabric as well. This means taking it down during the cold winters and storing it inside and cleaning it on a regular basis. You will likely have to replace the fabric on a retractable awning before you replace the frame, but with proper care, there’s no question you will get years of enjoyment out of it. 

Retractable Awning Motor/Crank

When you purchase a retractable awning, you will have the option as to whether you want a motorized or manual retractable awning. With a motorized one, there will be a remote or switch that brings the awning in and out, and with a manual one, it will likely be a crank to let it out and bring it in. 

The lifetime of each of these will depend on how often they are used and when. For example, if you try to use a motorized one in the middle of winter when the components are frozen, you might break something. 

Manual cranks tend to last a little longer since there are fewer components to break, but both styles of cranks – if cared for properly – will last for years to come. 

Retractable Awnings in Ottawa

It might seem like there’s very little time every year to actually outside the outdoors when you live in Ottawa, but by adding a retractable awning to your deck or patio, you will get a lot more enjoyable time outdoors this summer! For help in selecting your new retractable awning, contact Jans Awnings & Rollshutters today.

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As an Ottawa homeowner, you are probably always looking for ways to make your home exactly the way you want it to be. One area of renovations is the outside: building a deck or a patio or installing an awning to enhance your outdoor living space. An awning gives you a great chance to enjoy the outside space you have. When investing in your home, you have to make sure the outcome you’re getting is going to be worth the money you’re putting into it and your retractable awning is no different. Here’s what you need to know about an awning, and whether it’s worth the investment for your Ottawa home.




Decrease your utility cost

Depending on the direction your home faces, you might experience afternoon sun that drastically heats up the interior of your home. During the winter this isn’t such a bad thing, but in the summer, it kind of defeats the purpose of air conditioning. With a retractable awning, you can extend the awning to protect the sun from beating into your home. With the reduced heat transfer coming in through the windows, you won’t have to keep the AC running as much and therefore save on your utility bills.

Increase the life of your furniture

Patio or deck furniture that is consistently outside and exposed to the sun will start to fade quickly and look very worn out. With a retractable awning, you can keep your outdoor furniture looking brand new for so much longer. This investment in an awning will actually protect the other investments you’ve made.

Increase (or decrease) the amount of natural light

If you choose to install a permanent awning, or have no awning at all, you can’t really control how much natural light you’re letting into your home – you have to go with what’s available. With a permanent awning, you might find it’s too dark during the day forcing you to turn lights on even during the day. Without any kind of awning, the light will continually beam into your home. When you have a retractable awning, you get to control how much light you let into your home.

Increase the value of your home

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, a well-maintained retractable awning can help increase the value of your home. The look of an awning, as long as it is well-matched to the home, can definitely increase the curb appeal of your home for buyers. Additionally, this awning increases the amount of living space your home has and new owners could really enjoy the outdoors.

If you think that a retractable awning might a good investment for your Ottawa home, we would love the chance to assist you with your purchase. Contact Jans Awnings today to speak with a member of our team.

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Roll shutters, also known as roller shutters and rolling shutters, are window and door coverings made of interlocking horizontal slats constructed from aluminum or steel. With their ability to open or close on demand, a roll shutter provides the ability to control the environment inside a building.

roll shutters


Here are some of the biggest benefits of having roll shutters at your home or business in Ottawa.

Regulate Indoor Temperature

Save on heating and air conditioning costs by using your roll shutters for temporary temperature regulation. More energy efficient than curtains or blinds, roll shutters prevent heat from getting out and reduce the amount of cold air entering a space. Their polyurethane injected filling offers effective insulation against temperature changes.

By easily opening or closing your shutters, fresh air can circulate throughout your home whenever desired.

Enhanced Security

Many roll shutters use guide rails so that screws are not visible when the shutter is in the closed position. From the outside, this makes the roll shutters very difficult to open. Combined with their tight fit around a door or window, roll shutters cannot be pulled away easily.

Not only do roll shutters hide your valuables from sight, but they act as a visual deterrent from potential intruders. Your home would be too time and labour intensive to burglarize!

For added peace of mind during an extended absence from your home or business, lower your roll shutters completely.

Increased Privacy

Roll shutters provide you with complete control over the amount of privacy you desire for your family. Live in a secluded area or in a busy neighbourhood where you want to protect yourself from outsiders peeking into your home? With their ease of use, roll shutters can be stopped at any point to allow full, partial or no light in at all – the decision is entirely up to you!

Weather Protection

Feel more secure during heavy windstorms, hail or rain. Roll shutters can deflect branches and other debris from damaging your window panes. Year-round, roll shutters can prevent the glass from breaking and other damage from occurring, extending the lifetime of your windows and doors.

Built and tested to withstand high winds, roll shutters are manufactured and installed with Ottawa weather in mind.

Noise Reduction

Especially important for shift workers and migraine sufferers, roll shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 50%. The noise created from busy road traffic, neighbourhood pets and children’s activities are prevented from entering your home, leading to a more positive sleep environment. Even during an intense storm outside, roll shutters do not rattle.

Have a home theatre? Roll shutters can help create a complete blackout situation, better for enjoying movies!

Are you interested in hearing more about installing roll shutters at your home or business in Ottawa or the surrounding areas? Contact our showroom today.

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No matter the size of your space, awnings can provide protection from the weather elements, invoke a sense of privacy and keep out annoying insects. For large openings, motorized retractable screens are an excellent solution for any outdoor living space. Here’s why you should consider getting one for your home or business!


They Fit Any Space

Although typically used for patio enclosures to provide privacy while keeping out pests, motorized retractable screens are gaining popularity in other settings, too.

When used in garages, motorized retractable screens can conveniently provide more light and airflow. Homeowners seeking privacy around hot tubs and spas also see the benefit of using a type of screen that can disappear whenever desired. The same goes for business owners looking for a temporary kind of screen to block wind and bugs in their outdoor venue.

With the addition of a cable guide option, large windows and other open structures can have a motorized retractable screen installed.

Retractable screens are an innovative, flexible solution for any large opening at a home or business.

They Provide a Variety of Benefits

Besides being easy to operate, motorized retractable screens maximize airflow and make spaces more comfortable to enjoy and entertain. The number of harmful UV rays is drastically reduced, keeping you and your guests safer while preserving the environment.

By reducing the effects of the sun, wind and rain, the life expectancy of a home or business’ furniture and carpets is extended. Keeping sensitive sound and TV equipment, other electronic devices, wooden furniture and fabrics protected becomes easy and worry-free.

Once installed at a home or business, a motorized retractable screen can also increase the value of your property. You’ll be able to spend more time in a comfortable, well-protected space outside, which can help improve the quality of your life, too.

They Match Your Style

Most retractable screens fit openings up to 40 feet wide. Although readily available in a variety of mesh options and finishes, your retractable screen can be colour matched to your home or business. The option of additional accessories can help you customize your screen system.

Aesthetically pleasing, the addition of a retractable screen comes with virtually zero maintenance. Recessed or surface mounted, professional installation ensures that your investment will be just as amazing as you imagined it for years to come.

They’re Easy to Use

At the touch of a button on your smartphone or by using a wall-mounted or handheld remote, instantly enjoy insect protection, natural ventilation and more. Typically guided by a slide bar and tracks, retractable screens have a quiet and smooth operation whenever the screen is opened or closed.

Ask about automated controls, including sun and wind sensors that keep your screen protected – even when you’re not around.

Are you interested in hearing more about installing a motorized retractable screen in a large opening at your home or business? Contact us today for additional information.

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Your building only has one opportunity to make a great first impression to customers and guests. Entrance canopies are one of the best ways to make it memorable! Here are four of the most popular reasons why Ottawa and area business owners invest in an entrance canopy for their properties.

commercial awning


Reason #1: They provide protection from weather

From extreme sun to rain to hail to snow, our Ottawa weather oftentimes does not make it enjoyable to wait outside at a building’s entrance!

Installing an entrance canopy outside your business provides an opportunity for visitors to stay protected from the weather elements as they wait to enter. This shows that you care about the well-being of your guests and customers and want them to feel comfortable waiting outside – no matter what the weather has in store.

Reason #2: They provide added security

With their ability to include lighting, entrance canopies can help illuminate entranceways, providing guests and visitors with added security.

Keeping your building’s entrance well lit can also deter potential vandalism from happening, providing you (and your visitors) with additional peace of mind.

Reason #3: They can be customized to meet your particular business’ needs

When it comes to entrance canopies, there is no “one size fits all” approach! Each entrance canopy that we create is custom made with your choice of colours and materials. This means that we are able to manufacture the perfect entrance canopy to fit your space and building’s aesthetics. Since trussing or frame configurations are customizable, the only limitation on the design of your entrance canopy is your imagination!

Many business owners choose to have their company’s logo incorporated onto their entrance canopy. And why not? It’s a great way to promote your business and make it easily recognizable to passersby.

Our graphics experts can work with you to design painted, decal or digitally printed graphics that will best match your company’s branding.

Reason #4: They are aesthetically appealing

On a street lined with other businesses, it can be easy to blend in without a distinguishing factor. Entrance canopies can be just that!

Not only are they a great way to decorate an otherwise bland business entrance, but entrance canopies can provide easy identification to your building’s entrance. Sometimes building entrances can be hard to find, with potential customers leaving in frustration and not actually entering your business. Othertimes, an entrance simply doesn’t stand out enough from the neighbouring businesses to attract street traffic.

Entrance canopies are an excellent, eye-attracting feature for your storefront. Available in a variety of professional looks, many entrance canopies come with durable finishes that will last many years. Choose from plenty of fabrics or different types of lightweight, strong steel when designing a suitable entrance canopy for your business.

Need help choosing an attractive entrance canopy that will bring more traffic to your Ottawa-based business? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about how an entrance canopy is a wonderful investment for your business.

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Awnings offer homeowners both style and beauty while bringing valuable shade to your home. They extend the living space of your home and protect your family from harmful UV rays as much as 94%. They can add charm and personality to your home and transform a plain façade into something special

Awnings have proven to substantially lower air conditioning bills plus protect your furnishings and carpet from fading. In addition to their attractiveness, awnings keep your home much cooler during the heat of the summer months. They help reduce air conditioning costs by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates the inside of your home by as much as 77%.




There are different types of materials that are available for awnings. Conventional awnings are often made with wood, metal or cotton canvas, while modern ones are made with materials that are more durable and require less maintenance. However, to make the best choice, knowing the pros and cons of each material is helpful. Here are some of the pros and cons of each type.

Pros and Cons

Canvas: A classic option for awning fabric, canvas is exceptionally strong.


  • Canvas is a great fabric choice for awnings thanks to its durability and flexibility. It is also a rather inexpensive material that can withstand snow and rain and not get bogged down in the middle.


  • The material can sag if not stretched properly.
  • Canvas awnings may appear a bit rough and out of place.

Cotton: Cotton is another durable fabric. This environmentally-friendly fabric has been the most popular choice for awnings.


  • Cotton is naturally water-resistant, making it perfect for colder climates.
  • It’s resistant to mould and mildew.
  • Cotton never loses its shape thanks to its self-contouring properties.
  • It’s machine washable.


  • Cotton is more expensive than canvas.
  • It is not flame resistant and is less durable than polyester or canvas.
  • Cotton does not hold up as well as synthetic materials. In fact, you will need to seal it with a waterproofing chemical to make it last longer.

Polyester: Polyester is a tough, breathable polymer used in the manufacture of many products. Polyester-based fabrics are translucent by nature, depending on their colours.


  • As a synthetic, polyester dries quickly and designed to withstand almost any weather condition.
  • It’s resistant to wrinkles and retains creases in both wet and dry conditions.
  • It’s resistant to high humidity, mildew and harmful UV rays.


  • Polyester is not a soft material. If touch is important to you, this material is not suitable.
  • It’s susceptible to fading based on the amount of sun exposure it gets.

Metal: Most people think of fabric-covered framing when considering awnings, but sometimes only metal will do. Metal is super-strong and comparatively lightweight. It’s ideal for very large applications where awnings need good long-distance visibility.


  • Aluminum has a low-maintenance surface you can paint in any colour to match your home’s exterior.
  • Aluminum awnings tend to be less expensive than other metals.
  • Aluminum is environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminum awnings are lighter weight and easier to install


  • Aluminum awnings need to be painted at regular intervals to avoid rust.
  • Aluminum awnings are more prone to dents.
  • Despite being low maintenance, this fabric alternative requires careful cleaning.
  • Aluminum awnings cannot be rolled up.



  • A lighter alternative to aluminum awnings, this material is inexpensive.


  • Fibreglass requires more maintenance and more frequent replacement compared to other modern awning materials.

Many Choices

As you can see, there are many choices to consider when choosing which awning material works best for you, your home or business. By doing a bit of research upfront and talking to a professional awning company, you will end up with the perfect look you are trying to achieve.

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As the summer fades away and fall rolls in, we start thinking about putting our patio furniture away for the upcoming winter. Hot summer days sipping a cooler on the deck under the awning are replaced with a barren patio, empty flowers planters and pool closings.

Now is an excellent time of year to ensure your beautiful awning is prepped correctly and ready for the upcoming winter season. This is essential because an awning that is exposed to the elements year-round will have its lifespan considerably shortened. The cold temperature, snow and ice can wreak havoc on all parts of the awning.




Protecting and storing your awning for winter will offer you peace of mind knowing that it will be ready for use when the spring rolls around again. By adequately prepping your awning, you will prolong the life of the awning, its fabric and parts.

Here are some tips for preparing your awning for winter:

Clean the Awning

The first thing that you’ll want to do with your awning is to make sure that the fabric is cleaned, looking fresh and dry before retracting the awning. With a gentle spray from the hose or a broom, remove any leftover loose debris on the awning and begin cleaning the awning from the bottom up. Wash all parts of the awning before tackling the cleaning of the fabric.

If there’s dirt on the awning, use warm water and a soft-bristled brush along with a mild soap like Ivory Flakes. Be sure that the water is just warm, not hot, no more than 37 degrees Celsius. Stay away from any harsh detergents because this can damage the fabric of the awning.

Once the cleaning .is completed, rinse thoroughly to remove any residue on the fabric since leftover soap will leave marks and a chalky appearance. You will also see any missed spots once it’s dried. Always allow the awning to dry out naturally and completely before retracting it.

Clean the Frame

Secondly, you want to prolong the life of the frame because the metal frame and joints can rust. The joints can also become stuck or grind as the lubrication stops working if not prepared for the upcoming harsh winter. Additionally, the metal frame is designed to support a specific amount of weight. If it is left extended during heavy snow, the support arms and struts can bend or warp.

You can wipe it down with a soft cloth after washing it down and before it’s retracted. Be sure to check that the bolts and nuts are not loose in any way from their use during the summer months. By checking the mechanics, you will have an awning ready to properly extend the following spring.

Since the gear operation (aluminum components) has a durable finish and the joints are self-lubricating, there is no requirement to lubricate; however, lubricating the moving parts yearly with a silicone lubricant is a good idea for maintaining a quiet operation. The common spot for lubrication is at the end of the roller tube and opposite the motor.

Since the valance can flap around during windy, inclement winter weather conditions and tear over time, some homeowners tie down the valance to prevent this from happening. There is also the option to purchase an accessory called The Sunboot. As its name implies, it is a cover that encloses the entire retracted awning. The cover protects the awning from nasty weather conditions, keeping it clean and dry until you’re ready to use it again.

Final Word

An awning can last for many years if properly cleaned, lubricated, maintained and protected. They are designed for durability so that you can enjoy their beauty and protection from the sun’s harsh summer rays. With a little time spent at the end of each summer season to prepare your awning for the upcoming winter, your awning will perform flawlessly each spring.