Aluminum patio roofs vs. awnings

Published On: June 8, 2015|Categories: Awnings|

If you’re looking forward to a little shade this summer, covering your patio might be the way to go. Choosing between aluminum roofing and an awning might not be as hard as you think.

An Aluminum roof

Aluminum roofing

When it comes time to re-roof your home, aluminum might be a clear choice because of its durability and many companies are offering lifetime warranties. Don’t confuse this application of aluminum with any other. While aluminum makes sense for big projects, covering your patio calls for a little more flexibility, design quality, options and ease of installation.

Aluminum roofing is fireproof, rodent proof and provides protection against extreme winds. Keep in mind however, that this aluminum roof will be attached to your house and not likely lying flat on a hard service. With a loose piece of aluminum, what might otherwise be considered wind proof, is now a hazard. If you were dreaming of complementing your existing outdoor space with a covered patio, aluminum won’t likely provide you with the design options you’re looking for. Aluminum comes in a few different colours but if it’s not the colour you’re looking for, it will have to be painted. Now you’re looking at maintenance and having to repaint every few years. Your colour choice, unless professionally baked on, will likely fade or peel over time.

Depending on the thickness of the metal, aluminum roofing can curl and crack. While some companies may warranty against this, dealing with warranties will have you taking time away from your investment and from enjoying your renewed patio.

striped awning over a deck


If the heat is getting you down, an awning might just do the trick. With its versatility and design options, an awning will be a great addition to any outdoor space. Awnings come in a variety of almost endless colour and pattern. Now is the time to add or switch the colour scheme on your patio. With durable sun and heat resistant fabrics, you can rest assured that your choice will stand the test of time. Awnings have come a long way from the standard aluminum stationary awning off of your grandma’s kitchen window.

The awnings of today retract to protect your investment and to increase your options for sun or shade. A great awning will save the day when the pool party gets rained out. Protecting you from the elements might be your first concern, but an awning will also add dimension and design quality to your patio.

Unlike aluminum roofing, your awning can retract but if work is not your thing while you’re trying to enjoy your patio, consider a remote control. There’s no reason you can’t bring the comforts of home with you, to enjoy your backyard. An awning can be attached in many ways, to many different structures, also giving you versatility and choice.

While aluminum certainly has its place in the roofing industry, awnings can’t be beat in style, versatility and comfort when it comes time to install a roof on your patio. If you love spending time outdoors, on your patio, an awning will get you out there sooner, keep you out there longer and ultimately extend your home’s living space. If you’re interested in gaining more Info on aluminum patio roofs vs. awnings then Contact Us today and we will be happy to help you out.

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