Keep Bugs Out of Your Cottage with Phantom Screens

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With summer in full swing and weekends spent at the cottage, you may be thinking about how to create a cool, comfortable, insect-free environment without sacrificing your waterfront view. For homeowners that are interested in opting for an attractive alternative to traditional screens on doors and windows, Phantom Screens is definitely your solution.   With… Read more »

The Benefits of Phantom Screens

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If you’re looking for a way to keep a breeze flowing through your home during the warmer summer months, you’ve probably considered installing screen doors on your door frames. There are a number of screen door options available that you can tack on to your door frame, but they come with their own drawbacks. That’s… Read more »

The Cottage & Backyard Show – This Weekend April 10-12

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Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will be attending this year’s “The Cottage & Backyard Show,” being held over the April 10-12 weekend near the Ottawa airport. The Cottage and Backyard Show has everything you need for outdoor living: docks, decks, boats, outdoor furniture, canoes, kayaks and all the latest in backyard and cottage products and services. Get your… Read more »

Phantom Retractable Screens

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If you are searching for retractable screens, you should definitely take a look at the wide range of door and window screen offerings from Phantom. Phantom retractable door screens can be operated easily. They are durable and blend well with all architectural styles. They can be installed on both existing and new homes. They provide… Read more »

Six Benefits of Phantom Screens

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Phantom Screens are retractable screens, meaning they aren’t fixed, hinged, or sliding. Instead they retract into your wall or a recess where they can be hidden from view. It’s challenging to explain how awesome they really are unless you see them in person, as many people are used to old fashioned screens. This is why… Read more »