5 Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

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What’s been holding you back from purchasing an aluminum awning? The potential associated maintenance work? The fear that it will not last through Ontario’s harsh winters? Or the concern that it will take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal? Many of the worries homeowners have about awnings are simply not true! In fact, installing an… Read more »

Retractable vs. Fixed Awnings

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Many residents of Ottawa enjoy the comfort and shelter provided by awnings. If you are looking to purchase an awning for your home or business however, you may be surprised to learn the vast array of choices you have when it comes to this feature. The first decision you will usually have to make is… Read more »

Decorating Your Aluminum Awning for Halloween

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It’s almost time to dig out the decorations for Halloween and set a ghostly mood at your house to welcome enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. Many homeowners discover that casting creepy characters in a spooky haven for scaring and delighting the locals is both fun and easy to achieve.   You’ll want to make a frightening, enchanting yet… Read more »

Update Your Outdoor Space With an Awning

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When creating or updating any outdoor space, there are many options to meet your needs. From entertainment to seating, safety and comfort, all are important and should, when executed properly, work together. If your outdoor space is missing something, consider a well-appointed awning.   Awnings fulfil more than one need in your backyard. While an… Read more »

Why Choose Aluminum Awnings?

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Aluminum awnings come in a variety of styles and colours, and they offer sturdy protection from rain, snow, and sunlight. Because they become permanent fixtures above windows, doorways, porches, and passageways, homeowners and business owners need to know that they will hold up well over time. With that in mind, let’s have a look at… Read more »

The Cottage & Backyard Show – This Weekend April 10-12

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Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will be attending this year’s “The Cottage & Backyard Show,” being held over the April 10-12 weekend near the Ottawa airport. The Cottage and Backyard Show has everything you need for outdoor living: docks, decks, boats, outdoor furniture, canoes, kayaks and all the latest in backyard and cottage products and services. Get your… Read more »

Top reasons to choose aluminum awnings

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Awnings serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. They provide protection from weather elements and make your commercial or residential space more usable. When it comes to awnings, you can choose from several materials, styles and shapes. Aluminum awnings are hugely popular because they are affordable and versatile. This article will help homeowners decide the advantages… Read more »