Protect Your Storefront with Security Shutters 

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Even though you take some precautions to protect your business, theft and vandalism and even damage from the elements can happen, and the clean-up can and repair cost can be pricey. If you could further protect your business from incidents like these, wouldn’t you? Security shutters are a great way to protect the storefront of… Read more »

The 5 Biggest Advantages of Roll Shutters

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Roll shutters, also known as roller shutters and rolling shutters, are window and door coverings made of interlocking horizontal slats constructed from aluminum or steel. With their ability to open or close on demand, a roll shutter provides the ability to control the environment inside a building.   Here are some of the biggest benefits… Read more »

Secure Your Business with Rolling Security Shutters

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When you own a business, you want to do everything in your power to keep it safe and protected. Any business owner knows that it’s a frightening thought to have their business exposed to a thief or intruder. Unfortunately, every year, unprotected businesses and commercial buildings incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and lost profit… Read more »

Great Cottage Solutions

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Looking for more liveable space at the cottage? If you don’t mind the long drive and the decreased amenities, but hate the bugs and inclement weather that cottage country can bring, consider an investment in the outdoor space of your cottage. Make your stay at the cottage a little more comfortable with an enclosure that… Read more »

How Big a Storm Can RollShutters Protect Your Home From?

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Already common in coastal areas some European countries, rollshutters are becoming increasingly popular in Canada – especially in cities such as Ottawa where winter storms can be quite harsh. Essentially, rollshutters are aluminum covers or “curtains” which are mounted to the outside of a house or other building and cover the windows or glass doors…. Read more »

Are Roll Shutters Energy Efficient?

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When it comes to window treatments, many people like to opt for roll shutters. These are versatile and complement the look of all types of décor and are suitable to commercial as well as residential settings. Not only are they easy to install & maintain, but they add to the aesthetics and value of your… Read more »

Get a Better Night Sleep with Rollshutters

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When the sun goes down and you want security, privacy and a quiet, nocturnal environment, you can’t beat having rollshutters on your home or business. What are Rollshutters? Rollshutters consists of interlocking slats that are made out of roll-formed aluminium with either a dense polyurethane foam core or a hard resin core. They come in… Read more »

Keep Your Store Safe With Security Rollshutters

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If it feels like your town was a safer place to live and work yesterday, then it is today, you’re probably right. Unfortunately, progress and population growth often mean an increase in crime. As a business owner, an arsenal of security measures should be taken when running any business. Security rollshutters can play a big… Read more »

The Benefits Of Having Rollshutters In The Winter

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As colder weather descends on the Ottawa region, you’ll be relying more on your home heating system to get you and your family through the winter months. Having an effective heating system is essential to keeping the inside of your home warm and comfortable, but having something on the outside of your home can help… Read more »

The Cottage & Backyard Show – This Weekend April 10-12

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Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will be attending this year’s “The Cottage & Backyard Show,” being held over the April 10-12 weekend near the Ottawa airport. The Cottage and Backyard Show has everything you need for outdoor living: docks, decks, boats, outdoor furniture, canoes, kayaks and all the latest in backyard and cottage products and services. Get your… Read more »