The Awesomeness of Automated Motorized Awnings

Published On: December 1, 2014|Categories: Awnings|

Home automation has been around for several years now, and smart technology is used to dim lights, monitor and control home security systems, open garage doors, etc. But this is just the beginning, and smart home technology is set to sprint ahead even faster.
Awning and Blue Sky

Smart Technology Now Does More

Regarding smart technology, some companies have been very consistent with their innovation quotient, and Apple is undoubtedly one of them. Every year, the company holds its Worldwide Developers Conference. At the 2014 conference that was held in June, Apple announced its HomeKit.

HomeKit is a suite of highly innovative tools which will be able to control a number of devices like security systems, furnaces, thermostats, garage-door openers, blinds and motorized awnings. So, what’s different from the automated functions that are already available in the market today?

Well, Apple will provide its dynamic platform and the devices will have to be adapted to it. Once that is in place, the user will have the functionality to control all these devices via their iOS device. The fact is that the smart home market is growing at an amazing pace, and companies like Apple are all set to capture it.

Much More than Function

Over the years, a number of smart home products have been launched, but not all of them have been glitch-free. Many homeowners who tried to incorporate these into their homes faced device incompatibility issues, and the functioning was not hassle-free. But Apple’s HomeKit aims to change all that.

With this, homeowners will not be required to download an app. Instead, all the control functions will be via Siri. Homeowners will also have the convenience to bunch up various smart home devices into specific groups & will be able to control a number of elements all at once.

Motorized Awnings

Jans Awnings is a unique company that has always stayed in step with technological advances. We have always brought the highest-quality products to market and provided the topmost customer service at extremely competitive prices. All our motorized awnings are powered by Somfy, and you have the convenience to sit comfortably inside your home and either open-up or retract the awnings, just with the use of a remote.

We can also fit weather sensors, which will detect sunny and windy condition and fold out/retract the awnings as required. Now, with the smart technology that Apple has introduced with its HomeKit launch, it is possible to raise & lower awnings with just the touch of a button, even from a remote location. But, customers who want to use these options will have to ensure they install motorized awnings.

Complete Control

You will have full automated control of blinds & awnings via a specialized interface that can effectively control these elements on-site or from anywhere else. If you are looking for the best-motorized awnings across Woodlawn and Ottawa, contact Jans Awnings. You can reach us on 613-832-2345 or via this online form and order your motorized awnings today.

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