Awning Friendly Gardens

Published On: December 14, 2015|Categories: Awnings, Outdoor Living|

When you installed your awning, you created a space that provides comfort and shelter from the elements. You’ve also created a whole lot of shade. To further beautify your outdoor space, you may want to do a little planting. Low maintenance perennials are the way to go and finding the right mix a foliage will have your comfy space with loads of wonderful plants to look at.

Awning plants


Many properties have a shaded area that will restrict the homeowner in their selection of plants. Awnings are no different. While more sun exposed areas will allow you to plant almost anything, planting under the shade of an awning will require a little more consideration.

Container plants

Vines such as Jacob’s ladder and English ivy will make great fillers for your pots. Excellent grasses that will centre any pot and will tolerate low levels of sunshine might include spider plants. There are many varieties of Hostas available at your local nursery that will fill your awning space nicely. To add colour, consider a lily. The flax, peace and bush lilies will all tolerate shade well and are low maintenance in general. You could also experiment with your favourite plant despite what the experts say. Keep in mind that if your favourite plant fails to bloom or starts growing smaller leaves, you may have to move it to a sunnier location.

Perennial gardens

Looking for a garden that you won’t have to plant each year? Hope you like the colour green. Many of the plants that will appreciate your awning shade are foliage greens. Ferns in many varieties will work well and spread year after year. They require little direct sunlight and less water than many other plants. Like the fern, many other house plants will do well under your awning but need to be brought in for the winter. Generally before the first frost. Lily of the valley is one plant that will thrive in the shade and provide a little colour. Beware as it is an aggressive grower and you could find yourself drowning in it. Another way to add colour if you find your new shade friendly garden is too green for your tastes is in other elements. Colourful pots and seating under your awning will complement any garden, no matter how monotone.

Installing an awning to solve the problem of too much sun and too much heat, doesn’t have to mean you’ve created another problem. With a plan and even a small budget, plants can and will thrive under awnings and indeed, many shady areas.

If you’re interested in installing an awning for your home, or simply have more questions about awnings, contact us today and our team will be ready to help.

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