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A cottage is a small house in a semi-rural or rural location. It is a modest, cosy dwelling. Most cottages are of traditional build, but now this term is also used to refer to dwellings of modern construction which resemble traditional cottages. These mock cottages look like traditional cottages, but they may have modern features.

Awning and Blue Sky


The term cottage is also used to describe small holiday homes. Most cottages are usually in the country side or near a body of water. Cottages tend to have a modest look, but there are several ways to make them look more attractive.

The right kind of awnings will give your cottage a nice makeover and make it look more attractive.

While selecting awnings for your cottage, it is important that you choose fabrics that complement your cottage and surroundings.

Advantages of Awnings

Awnings not only protect your personal space from weather elements; they also enhance the exterior of your property. In fact, the right awnings can help you make a style statement.

Selecting an awning fabric may be difficult because so many patterns and styles are available. Here are a few things you need to consider while selecting awning fabrics and style.

Do you want the awnings to be a colourful focal point that grabs attention? If so, choosing a colour and fabric that do not blend with the exterior of your home may be a good idea. If you want the awning to blend well with the exterior, then choose a colour that suits the colour scheme of the exterior such as the paint colour.

Your cottage’s setting is another factor you need to consider. Earthy hues are ideal for woodland areas. If the cottage is located near a beach or a river, choose bright tones. Generally speaking, black and white stripes fit all kinds of homes and cottages are no exception to this rule.

Awnings are available in various colours and sizes to suit your taste and needs. Before choosing a fabric and style, take a look at your contractor’s portfolio. See what type of awnings look great on cottages similar to yours. There is no harm in drawing inspiration from others.

The fabrics should complement the architectural design of your home. Bar stripes are ideal for cottage-style homes. They have a time-less feel and complement the design of most cottage homes. Look for awnings with a simple design and solid fabrics. Choose patterns that are proportionate to the size of the awnings and your cottage. Small stripes will look too busy on a large piece of fabric. If you have a small cottage, avoid wide-stripped fabrics because they can be quite overwhelming.

Your awnings should reflect your personality. Try to coordinate the fabrics with the colours on your cottage’s exterior. Awnings that blend well with the colours of the exterior paint and shingles look visually attractive.

Awnings are a long-term investment. While selecting awnings, pay attention to quality and durability. If you choose the right style and fabrics, your awnings may last decades.

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