When Should Awnings Be Replaced?  

Published On: November 3, 2014|Categories: Awnings|

Awnings that you buy from a reputed dealer will not really break so easily, and you won’t have to replace them very often. But there are a times when misuse, overuse, or unexpected damage may render them useless and replacement will be necessary. But before you do so, check what has gone wrong and whether getting new ones is the only option.


What is broken with my Awning?


  • Electrical problems: In the case of retractable awnings, if the mechanism isn’t working the way it should, there could be an electrical fault like a short or a blown fuse. If you have any other electrical equipment in the same circuit that is also not working, it means that the fault lies in the wiring and not in the awning. If everything else is working, it simply means that the problem lies somewhere else.
  • Motor issues:  If your awning is not retracting, there could be some issue with its motor – this may require replacement or repair, based on whether the issue is a major or minor one.
  • Fraying, Rips or Snags: If the problem is more of a cosmetic one, you will have to decide whether repair or replacement is a more financially feasible option. If the tear is minor, just have it patched. However, if the tear is larger or if you notice a lot of fraying along the awning edges, it’s much better to have the awning replaced.  These frays can snag on components when retracting them.  If you’ve ever struggled with a zipper snagging on your clothes, you’ll understand how this is not an ideal situation.

retractable awning

Awning Labor Costs


The labor costs are dependent on the type of repair you require & the professional who is handling them. These costs will also vary based on whether the person is able to carry out the repair work on site or the awnings have to be removed and taken to a workshop. It’s important to understand that if you want your awning  to work effectively, fixing it with duct tape is not going to help.

If the framework has been damaged, it is best to have the entire awning replaced. You might try DIY repairs and fix it temporarily. But if the awning catches a strong wind, the framework might not hold and it will smack against the walls of the structure and cause more damage. There are a times when very high velocity winds (like in stormy weather), can parachute a loose awning off the structure and damage someone else’s property or cause an accident.


Awning Repair or Replacement?


Fixing this damage is a more expensive proposition and replacing the awning is a smarter option. If you are in a quandary about whether to replace or repair the awning, here is a simple way to decide. It’s time to replace when the cost of repairs are higher than the replacement costs. You might want to replace the awning when its look has altered to such an extent that it mars the look of the structure it is attached to. When you consider replacement, ensure that you are buying from a reputed dealer like Jans Awning Products. You can reach us at 613-832-2345 , or via this online form.

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