Benefits of Habitat Screens

Published On: May 23, 2017|Categories: Habitat Screens|

We’ve only just come into the warmer season and if this summer is anything like the usual Ottawa summer, the heat will soon be upon us. Finding ways to enjoy the summer while keeping the stifling heat to a minimum is always a challenge.
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Habitat screens can be a life saver. Here are 10 reasons why:

Protection From the Sun

Hard to believe that after a long cold winter, you will want to one day, somehow block that sun. Though the long- awaited sunshine will be refreshing, it can also be damaging and uncomfortable. Habitat screens can be positioned in that backyard sweet spot that always gets the strong afternoon sun.


Many screens that are used for shelter, are also retractable. This feature can change up the décor of any outdoor space while providing protection from the sun, and bugs when needed. These screens can be operated by remote.


Habitat screens are built with durability in mind. With the ability to withstand, rain wind and intense sunshine throughout the season, Habitat builds their screens to last. A great warranty backs this up.


Looking for a shelter and privacy solution that is also gorgeous. Habitat screens certainly fit the bill. These screens are stylish and can also be unique.  The skies the limit really when you decide on habitat screens for your outdoor space.


Looking to protect your family and friends from the heat of the summer and bugs that the season brings, while also providing a little privacy can make it hard to stay within your budget. Habitat screens can fit this budget when other solutions are out of reach.


Habitat screens can be installed just about anywhere. Whether it be the patio, deck or even garage.  Not only do they add style and protection to the outdoors, they are also popular for indoor spaces.

Bug Protection

Nothing will ruin a great barbecue like mosquitos. Habitat screens will keep the bugs out and the party going. You invest a lot in your outdoor space, make the most of it and stay out longer with habitat screens.

Energy Efficient

During the summer months, all that sunshine can heat up you, your loved ones and your home. Habitat screens will keep the sun and the subsequent heat off your house, lowering those electricity bills. Your air conditioner will thank you.


Want to improve the curb appeal of your home? Habitat screens will no doubt have the neighbors talking and will draw interest to your home should you choose to sell in the future.


Habitat screens provide privacy just where you want it. Whether it be around the spa, pool or even if you want a private horseshoe game, Habitat screens can be installed in just about any space.


If you’re interested in getting new screening for your home, check out retractable screening, phantom screening, retractable shades, & screened rooms.

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