A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Awning for You

Published On: May 15, 2023|Categories: Awnings|

As the weather warms up here in Ottawa, many residents will want to spend more and more time outdoors. Adding an awning to your home can help you enhance your outdoor space by making it more comfortable and private. If you are considering purchasing an awning for your home this year, you will find many options; you may even find it a bit overwhelming. The following guidelines will help you to find the right awning for you.

Backyard awning

Awning location

The first thing to consider is where you will place your awning. Most homeowners in Ottawa will choose to set their awning over their back deck or patio so you have a sheltered place to relax; but you may also choose to place your awning over a door or windows, which can help you improve your home’s efficiency by blocking the hot sunlight from entering your home.

Awning styles and edges

It is natural that you will want to select a style and edge pattern that not only suits your taste, but one that complements your home as well. A straight edge is the most common choice for decks and patios, but alternatives include scalloped, serpentine, Russian point, and Gothic.

Keep in mind that some awning styles may only work with certain edges and only some types of edge are going to look good with your home. In fact, choosing the ideal style and edge can be one of the most challenging parts of choosing an awning which is why it is always a good idea to get a recommendation from an awning specialist.

Awning material

There are also a variety of materials to choose from when selecting an awning, and you should consider not only what looks good but also how much maintenance and upkeep you are willing to perform. There are fabric materials such as polyester, cotton, canvas, and mesh as well as stiffer materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and resin.

Generally speaking, choosing one of the sturdier materials is going to give better protection against the weather, and there will be less maintenance involved. Fabrics, however, are generally better if you want more options for customization.

Architectural style of your home

The style of your home is going to influence what kind of awning is going to look the best. If your home is fairly traditional, it will likely look best with an awning that is darker or more subdued, such as navy blue or forest green. In contrast, a more contemporary home style will have a broader range of colours to complement it.

You may also consider choosing a colour that matches – or at least goes – with the colour of your home.


The functionality of an awning will have a dramatic effect on how you use it. While most Ottawa residents choose retractable awnings, there are also stationary and freestanding awnings. Stationary awnings are best over windows and doors where protection is always wanted, and retractable awnings are suitable for seasonal areas like decks and patios or for windows where you feel a retractable awning makes more sense.

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