Things to Consider When Buying a Retractable Awning

Published On: February 16, 2017|Categories: Awnings|

A retractable awning can be a great addition to the outside of your home. As well as the protection offered from sunlight and rain, it can also be visually appealing and add interest to the outside of your home. They can come in a number of styles, sizes and at different prices, so deciding on which retractable awning to buy can be a decision with a few factors to consider.


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Think about the quality of the awning that you want. Of course, the better quality awning, the more expensive it usually is. Depending on where you live, you might need a higher quality awning. For example, if you live in an area where there is a lot of wind, you might need your awning to be stronger than if you live somewhere with less wind.

A high-quality awning is made from better quality materials – fabric and the metal frame. Good quality fabrics are:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Protective from UV rays
  • Not affected by the sun – they don’t fade

The most effective metal framing is usually made from aluminum as it is lightweight, strong, and doesn’t rust.

With awnings, you can look for a seal of approval from a reputable company which will signal a good quality awning.


Another consideration when you are choosing your retractable awning is the price. In general, the more expensive, the better quality awning. Remember that whilst you might be spending less at the time, you will probably be spending money on repairs and replacements more quickly as well.

Retracting Mechanism

The retracting mechanism can be either manual or motorized. For some, using a manual winder won’t be a problem, but for others, a remote-controlled retracting mechanism will be a necessity. Whilst the benefits of a motorized retractor are obvious, this is also open to technical issues and a higher risk of the need to be repaired.

Visual Impact

The look of your awning is also important. Make sure that you choose an awning that you both like, and that suits the style of your home. There are generally two types of retractable awnings – the ‘classic’ style, and the hip roof style – also known as the ‘Marchesa’. Each style has its own benefits for different homes, with different conditions. Remember that you will have to look at it every day, so choose the look of your retractable awning carefully.

Warranties and Guarantees

Check what warranties and guarantees you will get with your retractable awning. If you are going to spend money on something, make sure that you are protected should anything go wrong. A good awning company will always offer you a guarantee.

Choosing and buying the right retractable awnings for your home is an important decision – and one that you need to get right to avoid disappointment in the future. By considering the factors above you can ensure that you choose the right awning for you and your home.

For more information about retractable awnings, get in touch with us today and our team of experts here at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will be ready to help.

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