What to Look for In an Awning Company

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Awnings can dramatically improve the look of your home and enhance your outdoor spaces. They can make these open areas livable and enjoyable all year round.

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Retractable awnings are an essential investment to the aesthetic landscaping and functionality of a home. Not only do they extend outdoor living spaces, but they also lower energy costs and improve your home’s curb appeal.

The most significant factor in the quality of the awning is the reputation of the company selling it. Purchasing from a knowledgeable company makes all the difference in getting the right awning for your house, including ease of installation, long-term service and warranty.

Here are some fundamental tips for selecting a top-rated awning company.

Judge Product Quality

Quality awning frames can last more than 25 years, while low-quality awnings last only five years or less. The biggest distinction between good and poor quality is the quality of materials.

  1. Look for both the place where the parts are manufactured and the types of materials used.
  2. Look for manufacturers with outstanding reputations.
  3. Look for breathable fabrics, man-made fabrics, such as solution-dyed acrylic that resist rot and fading. These are better than natural fibres and last six times longer.
  4. Look for frames that are heavy duty aluminum and straps, rather than rust-prone steel cables in the arms.

Certifications and Endorsements

An essential tool in the quality determination is engineering certifications or endorsements, which means that each component was independently tested to meet high-quality standards.

  1. Look for frame/arm certifications. For example, lateral arm test requirements include opening and closing the frame 11,000 times (equaling 50 years of use) and keep the awning in winds of up to 35mph depending on size.
  2. For the awning fabric, there are endorsements, such as UV-protection approval. All certifications or endorsements should be noted with the product information.

Browse Their Selection

High-end manufacturers offer a variety of designs which are constructed for specific needs, such as window and door awnings, patio/deck awnings. An awning can be custom-designed for width, how far it extends and awning’s slope.

There are different kinds of sensors to control awnings according to light, precipitation, motion, or wind levels. There are even hundreds of different fabric options. Cheap, low-quality awnings tend to be restricted to a single style, only a few standard sizes with limited fabric or vinyl options and accessories, while high-quality dealers will provide multiple styles and custom made sizes from numerous suppliers with many colour choices.

Customer Service is Number One

A seamless installation process begins with quality planning. A good awning company guides buyers through the process of finding an awning. Premiere awning companies provide search databases or render 3D “preview” images based on customer photographs to pinpoint the best awning type, size and colour.

Pre-sale planning should even cover installation methods so that the actual installation process is clear and painless. A reputable awning company can recommend repairs and parts if the awning is ever damaged and provide online and telephone support installation instructions.

The Company’s History

The manufacturer/fabricator is not the same as the retailer. The manufacturer/fabricator is key to long-term replacement parts, service, and warranties. The longer the manufacturer/fabricator has been in business, the more likely that it will provide support over the lifetime of the awning.

References & Referrals

Repeat business and referrals are big indicators of both service and product quality. Ask for a list of past customers and/or their referral list and check them out. You can also look them up in the Council of Better Business Bureau Directory.

Do Your Homework

The main issue in selecting a professional awning company is top quality and customer service. Their standards will show in the kinds of materials, the certifications or stamps of approval, and the selection they offer. Service shows in the company’s reputation, repeat business, and planning.

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