Choosing the Best Type of Awning for Your Home

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How to Go About Choosing the Best Type of Awning For Your Home

An awning can be a great investment for your home. It works to essentially expand your living space to the outdoors, shading you from the hot summer sun and protecting you from light rain. If you’ve already started shopping around, you may have noticed that there are several types of awnings and may be wondering which ones are the most popular. If you’ve come to Jans Awnings’ Blogs, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to choose the best type of awning for your home.

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Stationary vs. Retractable Awnings

While designs may vary, the first decision you will have to make is whether you want to have a stationary awning or a retractable one. Just like the names suggest a stationary or fixed awning is one that will remain in place for as long as it is installed.

A retractable awning, on the other hand, can be pulled in so that you can have the choice as to whether or not you want the added shade.

Both of these types of awnings have their advantages.

A fixed awning tends to be very sturdy and is often a better choice for smaller areas such as windows or door. It will, however, require more upkeep and once it is in place, it should not be moved.

A retractable awning is ideal for decks and patios and if you get really bad weather, it can be folded up and put away.

Awning Fabrics

Once you’ve decided on the type of awning you want, the next choice you’ll have is what kind of fabric you want. Most awning covers are either cotton or polyester.

Cotton is the traditional choice. It is durable, water resistant and machine washable. Polyester, on the other hand, can withstand weathering and blocks out UV rays. It is not machine washable but can be cleaned by wiping it down.

There are also two types of coatings that can be added to both cotton and polyester awning covers. A vinyl or laminate coating is both flame and water resistant however over time, it is likely to fade. An acrylic coating, on the other hand, will keep the colour looking vibrant but it is not flame and water resistant.

Awning Shapes

The next choice you’ll have to make is the awning shape or style. This choice will be entirely dependent on your personal tastes and what you think looks best with your home or business. The most common and in demand types of awning styles include sloped, crescent, waterfall and dome.

Additional Features

Just like cars, many awnings today come with additional options that can help having an awning fit better into your lifestyle. Below are a few of them:

  • Motorization – most people who choose retractable awnings today choose motorized awnings which makes them much easier to expand and pull back. These motors can be controlled either with a remote control or a wall switch.
  • Weather sensors – these sensors detect rain, sun and wind and will automatically expand or pull back your awning depending on the weather. This can help protect your awning in bad weather – especially if you are not home to pull it back yourself.
  • Weather guard covers – these covers are designed specifically for roof mounted awnings and serve to protect the fabric from fading and damage.

If you would like to learn more about awnings to help you decide the type of awning that is best for your home, contact Jans Awnings today. One of our experts will be happy to help.

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