How to Create a 4-Season Patio

Published On: November 26, 2020|Categories: Sun Rooms|

Those of us who live in and around Ottawa know just how short the patio season can be. If you would like to spend more time out enjoying your outdoor space, one solution is to build a 4-season patio. Essentially what this means – usually – is taking your existing porch or patio and building an enclosure around it.


Four Season Room


Such an enclosure may either be a 3-season patio (for spring, summer, and fall) or a 4-season patio – with the primary difference being that a 4-season patio has insulation and heating/cooling so that you can make use of it all year round – even during those frigid Ottawa winters. Four season rooms are more versatile than 3 season rooms because you can make use of them year-round, and they can add additional living space to your house for you and your family.

Benefits of Adding a 4-Season Patio

Unlike traditional room additions, adding a 4-season patio to your home generally takes less time and costs less to construct. And although many people think of 4-season patios as being mainly for sitting space where you can enjoy nature or read a good book, they can really be used for any purpose you choose, including office space, a workout craft room, etc.

Construction Options

Once you decide to add a 4-season patio to your home, you will have several construction options. These options are designed to ensure that your 4-season room will match the style of your home so that it looks like it truly belongs there and is an extension of your living space. Among the options you will have include:

  • Sunroom vs. Solarium – A solarium is made completely out of glass (walls and roof), whereas a sunroom may have lots of windows and even a skylight or two but will have a more traditional roof.
  • Frame options – 4-season patios tend to use aluminum frames, yet there are various colours and finishes available so it can be suited to your personal tastes and the style of your home.
  • Roof options – The most common roof options for a 4-season patio are single sloped roofs and gable style roofs.
  • Glass options – Today’s 4-season patios use double-pane insulated glass, which blocks UV light and helps with your heating and cooling systems’ energy efficiency.
  • Window/Door options – There is a wide array of options available for windows, doors, and screen panels to help you customize your 4-season patio to make it truly your own.

Should You Add a 4-Season Patio to Your Home?

If you are looking to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor space, adding a 4-season patio may be the right option. It is likely less expensive than you think, and the investment may be well worth it for you as it can be a room that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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