Get Your Awning Summer Ready!

Published On: June 12, 2018|Categories: Awnings|

At this point, you’re probably almost done your spring cleaning and yard cleanup. What’s next? Relaxing and enjoying Ottawa’s beautiful spring weather on your deck.

The best (and safest) way of enjoying Ottawa’s summer rays is with an awning. Whether it’s retractable or aluminum, an awning provides protection from harmful UV rays and lowers cooling costs while adding a shady retreat.



Before you can begin enjoying your awning, it’s important to give it a spring cleaning. Make sure that your awning is summer ready by following our tips mentioned below.

Complete a Thorough Inspection

Our Ottawa winters can be unforgiving on more than just our body temperature! The extreme cold partnered with lots of snow and high winds can damage your awning, making inspection necessary each spring.

Check for any signs of decay on your awning by inspecting the fabric for any ripping or tearing. If you find any, they can usually be repaired by yourself or a seamstress.

Next, check the structural integrity of your awning to ensure that it can be trusted for your friends and family to sit underneath. If the frame does not seem sturdy or any other structural issue is found, contact an awning professional.

While waiting for any repairs, avoid using the awning. If you use it before it has been fixed, further damage can occur.

Clear Off Any Debris that Has Accumulated

If your awning was left outside throughout the fall and winter, there’s probably a lot of debris that has accumulated!

Safely set up a ladder and clean off all the leaves, branches and animal droppings with a broom. Sweep away any cobwebs, dirt and dust from the top of the awning and the supports.

Use a Cleaning Solution on Your Awning

Next, use an appropriate cleanser to make your fabric or metal awning look brand new again. Mix your cleaning solution with cold or lukewarm water in a bucket until the solution is foamy.

Using a ladder, spray the top of the awning with your hose. Next, use a stiff brush to scrub the awning in a circular motion. If you have a fabric awning, working in one area at a time allows the cleaning solution to penetrate into the fabric.

After the soap has worked its magic, use your hose to rinse the solution off before allowing it to air dry.

If your awning has windows, use the same cleaning solution you would use to clean your home’s windows to prevent streaking.

Check with a Shading Professional

Have a question about getting your awning ready? Or, need a repair completed?

At Jans Awning and Rollshutters, no awning issue is too big or too small! For 15 years, we have been providing Ottawa and area residents with only the best awnings, roll shutters and retractable screens.  To learn more about getting your awning ready for summer, contact us today.

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