Halloween Decorations for Awnings, Rollshutters, and Screens

Published On: October 14, 2014|Categories: Awnings, Rollshutters|

This Halloween, give your home a devilish look with these easy do-it-yourself Halloween decorations to add to your awnings, rollshutters, and screens. All materials can be bought at Michael’s, Party City, and/or The Dollar Store. They are perfect for families on a budget and for those who prefer to create the decorations themselves.

1. Bats:

Depending on the type you’re creating, bats can go on either awnings or roll shutters. 3D bats, which you can hang from your awning, can be easily made using Styrofoam balls, black tissue paper, white paint, some wires for antennas and a couple of black foamy sheets of paper. For more instructions you can visit Instructables.com.

For those who have rollshutters and are trying to keep pranksters off their property, 2D bats will do the charm. All you have to do is find an outline of a bat, print it out on cardboard paper, cut the figure out and use a permanent marker to paint it black. Once dried, add a touch of white paint to create the eyes.

Halloween silhouette of a witch2. Silhouettes:

To produce a more encouraging look for the neighbourhood children we recommend you decorate your windows, especially the ones with screens, with silhouettes. Silhouettes create a spooky atmosphere that is appropriate for Halloween festivities and is very simply to create. All you need is to cut out some cool shapes from black cardboard, apply them on windows and turn on the lights. The silhouettes must be hung indoors for this to work.

3. Hanging Halloween Plates

You can easily add these decorations to awnings and retractable deck screens. For this decoration you will need markers (choose dark colours) and paper plates. Draw Halloween characters such as goblins, ghosts, bats, cats etc on the plates. Puncture a hole at the top of the plate and attach a string that you will hang from the awning or deck screen. Masking tape will hold the strings that hold the plates.

4. Decorate the pillows and the furnishings

It may not be enough to attach a few creatures onto your awning. The furniture, furnishings and all the surroundings underneath it need to be decorated as well. We recommend you tape spooky words to them, such as BOO, MEW, OOOO. If you have black pillows, make sure the letters are white. If the pillows are white, cut out the letters in black for a better contrast. As well these letters can easily be placed on lamps, steps, columns.

5. Decoration Kits

If you’re not much of an art person, stores now sell decoration kits for under $30. These kits have all the pieces and decorations you need, all you have to do is assemble them. Whether it is a scene that will make your home into an asylum or a scene that will turn your home into a zombie house, the ideas are endless. They can easily be added to your door or rollshutters.

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