How to Attach an Awning to a Building

Published On: February 25, 2019|Categories: Awnings|

Are you considering installing an awning onto your building? Great decision! Although you probably already know about the fantastic benefits awnings provide, you may not know how they attach to your building. We’ve got the answers for you here!




Installing Awnings Safely and Easily

Usually, awnings and canopies are attached to the face (side) of the building. Regardless of whether your building has brick, aluminum or vinyl, an awning can be mounted relatively easily.

Created to be self-supporting, retractable awnings extend off the building wall. Internal springs found in the awning’s arms work in conjunction with a torsion bar. Although installations can differ depending on manufacturers, they all follow roughly the same procedure.

An awning rail, which provides the awning’s foundation, should be positioned at an appropriate distance from the window or door. After ensuring that it’s level, the awning rail can be secured in place.

To hang the awning, the casting needs to be completely secured to the awning’s arms. Check that the canopy’s level and adjust as needed. Install the bolt heads outwards to avoid fabric tears.

Next, attach the bottom mounting bracket to the awning arm using crews or rivets. Release the preset tension by using the pull strap to open the awning. Check the awning requirements and make any needed adjustments.

With the awning fully open, attach the window straphanger at the awning’s centre. Keep the hanger at a comfortable distance from the top rail to avoid tearing.

Installing Awnings around Barriers

Although the majority of awnings can be installed using the method above, some situations require a unique approach.

For example, many of our customers are concerned about attaching an awning around a chimney or other type of obstruction. But there’s no need to worry! Your awning can be easily mounted on roofs, around chimneys and more when you hire one of our expert installers!

Enjoying a Motorized Awning

Who doesn’t like convenience?!

Motorized awnings can be easily activated with the help of a remote control. After installing the awning and plugging the cord into an electrical outlet, effortlessly extend and retract the awning with the touch of a button!

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters: Expert Awning Installers

We know from customers’ experiences: installing an awning may seem easy at first but can quickly become a frustrating process.

It can sometimes be challenging to keep the awning level or know how to set the tension properly. Instead of struggling with the installation yourself and possibly creating damage to your awning, it’s best to hire an awning specialist.

At Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, we have a dedicated team of professionals that have years of experience attaching awnings to buildings. We know how to complete the installation so that your awning can be safely and reliably enjoyed for years to come.

Contact us today to learn more about our awning selection as well as our installation process.

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