Keep Your House Cool for the Summer

Published On: August 20, 2015|Categories: Awnings, Fixed Aluminum Awnings, Outdoor Living|

When you want to enjoy your time outside on your backyard patio during the summer months, an awning can provide maximum protection from the heat of the scorching sun. Adding an awning to your exterior space is a very inexpensive way to extend your outdoor living space.

Backyard Retractable Awning

Although most patio awnings are designed for sun protection, some models are designed to protect against rain and higher levels of wind. You will no longer have to be chased indoors by a blazing sun or a sudden shower.

A Great Addition to any Home

A retractable awning can provide excellent coverage during a light shower because the standard awning fabric is highly water repellent. To maximize the awning’s ability to be effective for rainwater runoff, the best pitch is at 14 degrees.

A retractable awning offers the benefits of leaving your patio free and clear of poles and gives a homeowner the option of full sun, part sun or full shade. Since the metal arms are adjustable, you can change the pitch of the awning to your desired position to maximize your protection.

Patio awnings are available using a hand crank manual operation, but for those people who want the ultimate ease of operation, retractable awnings also come with a motorized system. A motorized system offers the convenience of positioning by operating a wall switch or remote control. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Save on Energy Costs

Awnings offer protection and beauty to any deck or patio and help to reduce energy costs while keeping you cool beneath their cover. Awnings can add charm and personality to your home and can transform a plain facade into something extraordinary. Awnings can increase the value of your home since they set your home apart from the rest.

In addition to their attractiveness, awnings keep your home much cooler during the heat of the summer months. They help to reduce air conditioning costs by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates the inside of your home by as much as 77%. They protect the interior furnishings from being bleached out by the sun’s rays and reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by as much as 94%.

According to Michelle Sahlin, managing director of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, many people do not recognize that more than any other part of the house, the majority of cooling energy in most homes is lost through the glass doors and windows. Awnings provide an effective way of preventing cooling energy loss in your home. This reduction in cooling energy loss benefits the environment because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves money on energy bills for homeowners.

Retractable awnings are ideal for rooms that generate excessive heat due to extreme temperatures of the sun. However, you can easily control the amount of light entering into your home and opt for maximizing brightness on overcast days.

Storage and Care

There are many styles and colours to choose from that would compliment any outdoor décor. If you wish, an awning may remain mounted all year long. Alternatively, you can easily detach the removable awning, which makes storage convenient because it is collapsible.

It’s also important to remember that whether you have a vinyl or canvas awning, they require regular cleaning. Vinyl awnings will require a regular sealing, while canvas awnings that are made with the Sunbrella fabric need to be scheduled for waterproofing and stain protection.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business establishment that wants to make an impression with attractive, versatile, energy saving, and heat reducing awnings, Jans Awnings has over 15 years of experience in providing customers with quality products and service. We offer a selection of retractable, commercial, and aluminum awnings. Contact us today and our team will be ready to provide an awning solution that would suit you and your home’s needs and aesthetics.

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