Making Use of Your Awning during the Fall and Winter

Published On: December 13, 2017|Categories: Awnings|

Even with summertime now a thing of the past, you can still get enjoyment from your awning throughout the rest of the year!

retractable awning in winter

Blur the Boundaries between Inside and Outside

An awning is a great way to extend your home into the outdoors!

By providing some protection from weather elements, an awning allows homeowners to enjoy being outside, even when the temperature starts to drop.

Fixed Retractable Awnings: Making Fall and Winter More Enjoyable Outside!

Certain fixed retractable awnings are suitable for use all year round – even in inclement weather!

By being built with a four seasons vinyl cloth canvas, winter’s snow accumulation can even be accommodated with a fixed retractable awning! The pronounced slope allows the snow to easily slide off, and special wind tubes can accommodate snow accumulation.

Built to be really strong and able to endure extreme weather, a retractable awning can even help to keep your deck clear of snow.

Any snow that does build-up on the awning should be carefully removed from the outside. This helps ensure that your retractable awning will last for many years to come.

Keep Your Retractable Awning Fully Protected – Easily!

Not planning to use your awning for a while, or going away on vacation? Then easily retract it to keep it fully protected under its rigid aluminum cover hood.

Enjoying Your Awning during the Cooler Temperatures

With the many choices available – ranging from retractable and fixed awnings to external blinds, shutters, and umbrellas – staying protected from the elements is possible with your awning.

Roof liners are even available which help stop condensation from collecting on whatever’s stored underneath your awning!

Need a large place to work on your skis or snowboard this winter? Consider setting up your workbench underneath your awning to stay protected while getting winter projects completed!

Keeping Warm (Even in the Cold) Underneath Your Awning

Even when the temperatures truly start to drop, use of your awning doesn’t need to stop!

With patio heaters and spotlights available for use with awnings, you can continue to get your money’s worth out of your awning investment.

Entertain Easily All Year Long with an Awning

Consider installing some built-in seating underneath your awning so that you can entertain all year-round outside. Another option is to install a fireplace or firepit near your patio so that winter’s cold wind is kept at bay.

No longer does grilling need to stop when summer ends! An awning keeps you protected while cooking outdoors.

Frequently entertain with friends? Think about installing a built-in bench to store readily-accessible blankets and sweaters so that you can continue to comfortably entertain – even while outside!

Consult the Experts at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters

Enjoy your patio or deck throughout all four seasons this year. With the correct type of awning purchased, no longer will you use the season as an excuse for not using your outdoor space!

Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today for more information on awnings.

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