Most Popular Awning Colours

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Awnings offer homeowners both style and beauty while bringing valuable shade to your home, thus protecting your family from harmful UV rays as much as 94%. They extend the living space of your home so it’s like adding a low-cost room extension while also adding value to your home’s worth.



Awnings have proven to substantially lower air conditioning bills plus protect your furnishings and carpet from fading. There are numerous sleek, innovative designs at the touch of a button and they are known for their durability. The fabric used in most high quality awnings is manufactured by Sunbrella®. This material is recognized for its superior fade and stain resistance plus easy to clean and maintain.

Along with the many benefits of installing a residential awning that protects your living space from inclement weather, your awning will also contribute towards making your home more stylish by choosing an awning colour that blends with the exterior colour and décor of your home. By picking an awning colour that complements the usage of the covered area, you will add a touch of panache to the exterior.

Normally, both stationary and retractable patio awnings are available in almost all common colours, but each shade has its own meaning and significance. From a design perspective, the traditional stripe or solid colour is still the most popular design for adding that upbeat look to a home’s appearance. Here is a list of shades, their meaning and what you should consider in choosing an awning colour.

  • Red: If the exterior of home is painted with yellow, white or tan color, you can consider any shade of red awnings. Further, the combination of the right shade of blue exterior paint and red awnings can impress all your visitors, guests and neighbors. However, you have to think several times before choosing the red awnings if your exterior paint has green pigments.
  • Green: It is always important to determine the intensity of green according to the exterior paint. If the home exterior is painted in green, tan or any other natural colour, you can consider the moss green, deep green and grass green awnings. However, you must avoid choosing green awnings if your home exterior is painted in red or designed with red bricks.
  • Blue: The blue awnings are considered as the best choice for white homes. If your home is painted in natural colour, you can choose the sky, electric as well as deep blue awnings. However, you have to evaluate the shades of blue if the exterior colour has hints of orange.
  • Yellow: While choosing yellow awnings, you must keep in mind the amount of yellow present in your exterior paint. Normally, the awning colour complements homes painted in colours having different amounts of yellow. The yellow awning colour will also complement white home exteriors perfectly. Based on your home’ style, you can even opt for the mustard yellow awnings.
  • Brown: Many people opt for brown awnings due to their effectiveness in adding dimension to the home’s exterior. However, it’s important to create seamless transition between your home exterior colour and brown awnings. For instance, you can choose the deep brown awnings if your home’s exterior paint colour is light.
  • Orange: The orange awnings are the perfect choice for home exterior paints that have several variation of yellow, brown and tan paint. These awnings also go well with exterior paint colours with a hint of orange. However, you must check the combination of orange awnings and the colour of your home’s exterior paint thoroughly to decide the right aesthetic balance.

First Impression

The awning colour that you finally decide upon will present the first impression of your home to the neighborhood for years to come. It will add value to your home and enhance its curb appeal, so choose wisely and enjoy your new addition to your home’s beauty.

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