Do I need a Permit for my Corporate Awning in Ottawa?

Published On: December 12, 2014|Categories: Awnings, Commercial Awnings|

In today’s corporate world, branding is everything. Your company logo, the products or services you provide and your reputation in the market are the factors that can make your company stand out from the competition. All these factors must be in place, but branding is about strengthening your corporate image in the minds of clients, customers and the general public.

Commercial awnings providing protection from the elements on the street corner

The Perfect Marketing Tool

Many businesses use awnings on their office buildings, and it is recognized as an effective marketing tool even for large corporations. The fact is that corporate awnings are very versatile in the number of benefits they provide and can be used to complement the signage and the structure of your corporate building. Take a look at the benefits:

  • Creating an Impression – Awnings give a very complete look to the exterior of your corporate building and is a great way of adding a special touch to the facade. Just as an awning provides shade and protection from the weather, it is the perfect marketing tool to impress your brand upon the minds of onlookers.

Small business enterprises use awnings outside their store entrances and doors. Similarly, companies can also use awnings with their corporate colours and branding on the exterior of their buildings

  • Creating Landmarks – Some corporates occupy historic landmark buildings, and custom awnings can be added to enhance the aesthetics of the exterior. But several modern-day buildings in cities are structured very similarly. The one way to make your corporate building stand out from its surroundings is to have unique corporate awnings installed to create a landmark exterior
  • Carrying the Branding Through – Making your business look smart is a lot about maintaining branding. You can also use similar awnings to protect parking areas and side entrances to your corporate building. It adds a cohesive look to your property and provides weather protection too

Awning Permits

If you are installing an awning on any corporate building in Ottawa, you will have to obtain a building permit for it. There are certain norms that will have to be followed with reference to the materials and the actual installation.  These rules can be changed at anytime, so always ensure you contact your Municipality or a professional Awning company to ensure you are obeying the rules.

  • Materials have to be securely fastened to the retractable/demountable frame
  • The awning material should be fabricated and finished to properly fit its supporting structure. There should be no loose/unsecured edges
  • Colours and materials should coordinate with all the surrounding structures as well as the streetscape elements. Typically, they should contribute to the overall design theme of that street.
  • The awning/s should not extend right into the public sidewalk that is adjacent to any patio
  • The awning/s should be attached to the corporate building just below the signage that identifies the company. It should have a minimum height of 7 ft
  • Lighting and other attachments to the awning/s should be integrated and securely fixed to its supporting structure.

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