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Published On: November 4, 2015|Categories: Awnings|

Technology has made many jobs easier in our day-to-day lives. Our outdoor living spaces have improved significantly with the influence of new products and technology available to us.

Outdoor furniture can be quite comfortable and stylish with the use of water-protective materials. Some outdoor spaces have running water with wet bars, outdoor refrigeration and even outdoor televisions – just to name a few of the luxuries that can be found in modern outdoor living spaces! Outdoor wind and sun blinds have also improved significantly with the addition of motorized blinds and awning controls, a perfect complement to a modern outdoor living space.

Jans retractable Awning


With motorized, electric controls, you have the power to arrange your awnings however you like, giving you the convenience of a push-button climate control in your own backyard. This is especially helpful for families with elderly members or members with disabilities. The motorized, electrical controls allow more people to have power over their outdoor space.

All of the awnings, shutters and roll screens can be motorized if this option is appealing to you. One way to apply this feature to your home is with the use of a SOMFY electric motor. These motors are specifically designed for retractable awnings and other “roll up” applications. The design allows for the motor to sit fully contained within the roll tube of the awning, keeping your exterior clean and modern looking without the visible addition of a bulky motor. Some owners appreciate the ability to manually override the motor at any time, as a security feature for added peace of mind.

Not only do automatic awnings and sun blinds provide a labour-free way to unwind or retract your awnings, they allow you to control your outdoor space from outside, inside, and even remotely!

Exterior control: A wall switch is mounted in a convenient, visible outdoor location so that you can modify your outdoor setting at anytime while spending time outside.

Interior control: A wall switch is mounted inside your home, hardwired to the existing electrical system. This is especially convenient if the weather quickly turns, or if you need to adjust your awning late at night.

Remote control: An ultimate feature for convenience and safety, a remote control can be programmed to control your awning from anywhere inside or outside on your property, giving you full access to controlling your awning at any time.

Sun and Wind control: If you are a commercial user, or if you are concerned about the temperature or sun exposure in your home, this control will automatically guard your windows or doors from excessive sun exposure. This awning will have a sensor that can be programmed to suit your exact needs, but can also be manually changed at any time.

If you feel you could benefit from motorized awnings, contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters.  Located near Ottawa, we can offer you dozens of shade solutions to increase your comfort and decrease your energy bills.

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