Safety Pre-Cautions to Take Under an Awning

Published On: August 5, 2016|Categories: Awnings|

Awnings have one primary purpose and that is to protect us from the elements. While enjoying your awning and the shelter it provides, you will no doubt be participating in a number of activities under that awning. We don’t need to tell you that safety needs to be a priority while enjoying your outdoor space. Enjoy your awning but do it with caution.

Backyard Deck with Retractable Awning

Patio Heaters

A patio heater will increase your decking season, but any appliance with a fuel source needs to be handled with care. Your awning doesn’t likely cover the entirety of your patio or deck so be sure to place that patio heater a good distance away from your awning. While the warmth of the heater can keep you toasty during those beautiful nights under the stars, the often intense heat that comes from the patio heater is too much for any awning fabric. Whenever possible, retract your awning while a patio heater is in use. Placing a patio heater too close to your awning can scorch or burn it and create an unsafe environment.


Standing over a hot barbeque while dancing on a hot deck can make for an uncomfortable experience. That’s likely why you made the investment in an awning. Keeping that awning in a good condition is important and safe cooking while under that awning is part of the equation. If your awning is retractable, tuck it away while you do your outdoor cooking. If your awning doesn’t retract, we do not recommend that you cook under it. Heat, smoke, and even flames will not be kind to the fabric of your awning. Your awning could end up stained or burned. An awning will even harbor that aroma from a great steak long after you’ve eaten it. It’s advisable to always refrain for cooking under an awning.

Fire Pits

While under a fire ban, an open burn shouldn’t be a problem for your awning as it’s not safe to toast those marshmallows. If a fire ban is not in place and you’d like to create a little ambiance with a small fire, take care while under your awning. Fire pits come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are on trend in the outdoor industry but in no way should they be combined with your awning. The fabric on your awning can go up in flames within a matter of seconds. Fire pits are essentially an outside fireplace. This fire might be used simply for visual effect or you may choose to cook on the flames. Regardless of its use, your fire pit should be located a good distance from any awning. It only takes one spark to destroy your beautiful awning and if your awning is on fire, the rest of your house is now at risk.  You also run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is always important to be aware of your surroundings when dealing with fire. Barbeques, heaters, and fire pits all add a valuable contribution to your outdoor space. If you also have an awning in that space, ensure care is taken while enjoying it all. When dealing with fire, prevention is key. Form good habits for dealing with these dangers and your awning will remain safe, intact, and your best friend during those hot summer months.

If you’re reading this after the damage has already been done to your awning, you might be able to repair it using professional help, or you might need to look into purchasing a new one. Contact us today and our team of experts at Jans Awnings & Rollshutters can take care of all your awning needs.

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