Spring Awning Repair and Replacement

Published On: April 27, 2015|Categories: Awnings|

After enjoying the advantages that having an awning brings, you can’t imagine your outdoor space without one. After another long and cold winter here in Ontario, you may look out your window to find an awning in need of repairs. Whether your awning needs repair or complete replacement, after years of shielding you from this unpredictable climate, you are not likely in the market to do without.

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Where do you start when the snow melts and you look out your window to find that your awning has not fared too well over the winter months? If your awning is under warranty, your choice is easy. Contact the installation company and you will soon be in comfort again. If your awning has provided you with decades of shelter, it is likely that you will eventually be paying for repairs or replacement. Once we’ve experienced the comfort that comes from sitting outside without the scorching heat, the blinding sun and even rain, it’s hard to go back. While you’ll want to maintain and clean your awning regularly to keep it in good repair, after years of being exposed to the elements, repairs or replacement are likely in order. Spring is the ideal time to get that awning in tip top shape. Regret comes in July when the bottom of your feet burst into flames with any attempt to get to the barbeque.

Depending on what kind of awning you originally chose, there are many parts and features that will need attention over time. Everything from the retractable motor to the fabric. Enlisting the services of a company that not only sells, but services their awnings, will ensure that you are getting the best price on parts and the best value for service. Some companies offer extended warranties and often, different awning parts carry different warranties. For example, the fabric on your awning may not outlast the hardware.

If it’s been years since you first invested in your awning or if the awning came with a house you just bought, repairs or replacement can offer you the opportunity to upgrade and enjoy new technology and styles. Fabrics that caught your eye twenty years ago, probably aren’t doing anything for the ambiance of your outdoor space today. Through the years, options for fabrics and mechanics have broadened. Depending on the budget, price points for a new awning have too.

Even with the cost or repair, awnings often pay for themselves. Keeping the hot sun off of you is only one of the benefits. Awnings keep the heat off your house, reducing energy costs and ultimately saving money over those hot summer months. A well-appointed awning will in fact expand your summer season while adding beauty to your outdoor living space.

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