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Sunbrella Retractable awnings are made up of a poly-acrylic fabric that come in over 200 colours and designs. It is water repellent, fade resistant, and mold resistant. It helps protect from UV rays, it’s breathable and easy to take care of. Our Sunbrella awnings are mixed with a solution dye that’s mixed into our fabric which gives it our long lasting colour that won’t fade. It has a motor where, from the push of a button, you have an enjoyable shaded area for you and your family and friends.
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Something you might notice is the awning after it is installed is has some natural “imperfections”.

• Veining – Our fabrics may sometimes show “veining” because of the effect of the sunshine and how it hits the awning at certain times of day.
• White lines – Our fabrics our treated with resins that can show white streaks during the treatment and usually show even more in certain sunlight.
• Folds – When you roll back your awning some of the seams roll up. Since the fabric becomes thicker, usually by the seems, that’s usually where you might find some wrinkling
With these “imperfections” you don’t need to change your fabric at all, but if you do have any questions or other concerns about your awning this is why we have a 5 year warranty on our awning in case something major does happen.

Taking care of your awning

As for everything you need to give your awning a little tender, love, and care (TLC). This can be done as easily as sweeping off the dirt, leaves, or even pine cones off of it. But here is some advice on taking care of your awning.
• General cleaning – Use dishwashing soap with lukewarm water. Make sure to rinse off the fabric to remove all residue and air dry only!
• Heavy cleaning – Use chlorine bleach mixed with a mild detergent and water and scrub with a soft brush. Allow it to soak in and rinse it off and repeat the process to the stain if needed

Tips to maintain your awning

Make sure you keep the area you are cleaning protected so nothing gets touched by the bleach because it can harm other fabrics or surfaces. Make sure the fabric is air dried.  Sunbrella products dry very quickly and do not need to be machine dried. Do not use an iron or steamer on the fabric because it can damage the fabric.

Take a look at Sunbrella’s vast selection of fabrics that you can choose for your awning.

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