The Benefits of Phantom Screens

Published On: August 31, 2015|Categories: Phantom Screens|

If you’re looking for a way to keep a breeze flowing through your home during the warmer summer months, you’ve probably considered installing screen doors on your door frames. There are a number of screen door options available that you can tack on to your door frame, but they come with their own drawbacks. That’s where phantom screens come in.

Phantom Screens
Phantom screens are customized screens that fit within your existing door frames. They slide out to provide cover for a doorway when needed, and slide back into the door frame and out of sight when they’re not needed. Here’s a look at the benefits that phantom screens offer over traditional screen doors.


Problems with regular screen doors

One of the drawbacks of traditional screen doors is that they can make it cumbersome to enter or exit your home. If you’re carrying boxes or a load of groceries into your home, it can be tricky to prop open the screen door while working to unlock the main door. Phantom screens stay out of the way when they’re not needed to give you easier access to your main door.

If you’ve lived in a home with a screen door, you know that they can get pretty noisy during a powerful storm. Because of the mesh makeup of most screen doors, strong winds can cause the door to swing open and slam shut. Phantom screens eliminate the potential for all that banging, which isn’t just an irritating sound, but a potential source of damage to your door frame.


Various uses for phantom screens

In addition to overcoming the two problems of screen doors listed above, phantom screens offer a number of utilitarian benefits. When you want to let some fresh air into your home but want to keep insects from intruding, you can slide out the phantom screen from your doorway. The mesh screen ensures that summertime pests of all sizes stay out.

Going beyond insect protection, phantom screens can be manufactured with different types of mesh to offer sun protection or privacy.


Wide doorways? No problem

French doors and wide spaces used to be a problem, but phantom screens can now be installed to cover large openings. For French doors, two screens can be installed, one on each side of the door frame, and pulled together to meet at the center of the doorway. For wider spaces, motorized screens can be installed which cover areas up to 25 feet wide.


Aesthetic value

One more advantage to phantom screens is that by staying out of sight when not in use, they preserve the look of your doorway. That’s not to say that if the screen were to be in use it would detract from the appearance of the doorway. Phantom screens can be manufactured in a number of different colours to match the look of the doors and frames that you already have in place.

If you’re interested in having phantom screens installed in your home, contact us to find out more about the screen and colour options available to you.

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