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Awnings offer homeowners both style and beauty while bringing valuable shade to your home. Retractable awnings protect your family from harmful UV rays as much as 94%. They extend the living space of your home, so it’s like adding a low-cost room extension. They can add charm and personality to your home and transform a plain façade into something special. Awnings can set your home apart from the rest.


Energy Savings

Awnings have proven to substantially lower air conditioning bills plus protect your furnishings and carpet from fading. In addition to their attractiveness, awnings keep your home much cooler during the heat of the summer months. They help reduce air conditioning costs by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates the inside of your home by as much as 77%.

Fabric & Colours

There are numerous sleek, innovative fabric designs known for their durability. Sunbrella® manufactures the fabric used in most high-quality awnings. This material is recognized for its superior fade and stain resistance plus it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Along with the many benefits of installing a residential awning that protects your living space from inclement weather, your awning will also contribute towards making your home more stylish by choosing an awning colour that blends with the exterior colour and décor of your home. By picking an awning colour that complements the usage of the covered area, you will add a touch of panache to the exterior.

There are many colours to choose among but here are some of the most popular:

  • Red: If the exterior of home is painted with yellow, white or tan colour, you can consider any shade of red awnings.
  • Blue: The blue awnings are considered the best choice for white homes.
  • Yellow: Normally, the awning colour complements homes painted in colours having different amounts of yellow. The yellow awning colour will also complement white home exteriors perfectly.
  • Brown: Many people opt for brown awnings due to their effectiveness in adding dimension to the home’s exterior. 

Cleaning the Awning

Retractable aluminum awnings do not require a great deal of care to keep them looking fresh and new, but you do want to clean them on occasion and before closing up for the season.

With a gentle spray from the hose or a broom, remove any leftover loose debris on the awning and begin cleaning the awning from the bottom up. Wash all parts of the awning before tackling the cleaning of the fabric.

If there’s dirt on the awning, use warm water and a soft bristled brush along with a mild soap, like Ivory Flakes. Stay away from any harsh detergents because this can damage the fabric of the awning.

Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue on the fabric since leftover soap will leave marks and a chalky appearance. Allow the awning to dry out naturally and entirely before retracting it.

Final Word

An awning can last for many years if properly maintained, cleaned, lubricated and protected. They are designed for durability so that you can enjoy their beauty and protection from the sun’s harsh summer rays while creating an extended living space for your family and friends to enjoy.

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You can improve the look and exterior living space of your business by installing a retractable awning. Not only will it offer maximum protection from the sun, but it will enhance your business by the beauty of its appearance.



When you add an awning to your business storefront, you’re creating a unique branding opportunity. This attractive addition also protects your property from the outside elements, such as the heat of solar rays entering your premise.

In the Ottawa area, businesses that have installed awnings enjoy the many benefits that an awning provides. Whether it’s Carleton Square, catering to a vibrant university or Ottawa East with its many shops and restaurants, Landsdowne Park, awnings play a big part in building business brand awareness. They cater to their patrons by providing shade and comfort while being remembered as a place to revisit.

Energy Savings

When an awning is strategically placed on your building, you create sustainable savings from the merciless summer heat through lowering cooling costs. These savings occur by blocking and reducing the amount of solar heat and UV radiation that traditionally gets absorbed by your building; thereby, reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool your business space. Your return on investment accrues over time because you have an attractive and controllable way to manage your interior cooling expenses. Regardless of whether your business is an office building or a store-front retail space, your establishment will benefit from custom commercial awnings.

A New Look

Adding a retractable awning to your business gives you the opportunity of showing off a new look. A retractable awning allows you the chance to change the face and feel of your commercial space with a customized look. A retractable awning provides a dramatic effect to the outside of your company and offers the impression of a major renovation that can attract customers.

Expanding Outside Space

Retracting awnings give the opportunity to expand outside space into a more usable environment. It can provide shade and shelter for both customers and employees alike. In the case of restaurants with patio or cafes, retractable awnings are particularly beneficial because they provide their customers with more comfortable surroundings as a shelter from environmental factors.

Marketing Your Business

A retractable awning can help to enhance your marketing and advertising because branding and awnings go together. Retractable awnings can make your business stand out in comparison to other local enterprises, giving your company a unique look while enhancing the attractive architecture of your building. These awnings are a great way to lure passersby into your storefront, restaurant or office.

Advanced Technology

Over the years, advanced technology has increased the durability and longevity of the materials that are used to make retractable awnings. Materials like the Sunbrella line of textiles are both incredibly stylish and durable option. They offer superior fade, stain resistance and clean quickly.

Brand Your Business

Although installing awnings on your commercial property might appear to be a costly installation, it is a long-term investment that you will be glad that you did. Retractable awnings can last for years, and help reduce your energy costs, advertise your business, and help renovate your exterior.

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We all know how short the warm weather season can be here in Ontario. When it finally arrives, we want to maximize our time outdoors. Screens provide the opportunity to do so! Here are the differences between the types of screens you can install at your home.

Retractable Screens

Enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and comfort by installing a retractable screen!

retractable screens


Without blocking the view or detracting from your property’s design, retractable screens create a great option for patios, gazebos and sunrooms. When in use, they are barely visible, and when not in use, they fully disappear into their protective casing. This means that during those eight or nine months where bugs are not a worry, your screen can remain hidden from view.

All our retractable screens are motorized, making the process seamless when you want to enjoy your screen. They can even be used to connect two porch spaces such as an exterior deck to a ground level screen porch.

The material used in our retractable screening product enhances natural airflow, reduces glare and provides privacy and security…all while keeping pesky bugs away!

Phantom Screens

Let the fresh air in (without the bugs!) while at the same time eliminate slamming doors by installing a phantom screen. A phantom screen’s revolutionary design creates a screen that pulls out easily when needed and disappears out of sight when not in use.

phantom screens


Available in many colours, phantom screens are matched to fit your home’s décor.

Besides providing full ventilation and pest protection without view obstruction, they will fit almost every existing door frame. Double doors and wide spaces up to 25 feet long are accommodated with our phantom screen products.

Screened Rooms

Fixed screens, like those found in screened rooms, provide year-round protection from bugs and weather. With today’s innovative technology in screen material, screened-in rooms can look great – without barely even being noticeable.

When installed by professionals, they are easy to maintain and repair. Panels can be addressed individually, eliminating the need to reinstall the entire screen.

screened rooms


Plan on moving? Screened-in rooms provide a great selling feature!

The best part about installing a screened-in room? You’ll enjoy maximum visibility while breathing in fresh air!

All our screened rooms are custom-designed and manufactured to match your exact needs. This ensures that our screened enclosures will fit your existing space perfectly!

Ask a Professional Screen Expert

Need help choosing which type of screen is best for your home? Ask the professionals!

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters have been installing and maintaining retractable, phantom and fixed screens in the Ottawa and surrounding area for over 15 years. We offer plenty of custom-made solutions when it comes to screens and knows what will work best for your space.

Contact us today for more information about our many screen options!

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At this point, you’re probably almost done your spring cleaning and yard cleanup. What’s next? Relaxing and enjoying Ottawa’s beautiful spring weather on your deck.

The best (and safest) way of enjoying Ottawa’s summer rays is with an awning. Whether it’s retractable or aluminum, an awning provides protection from harmful UV rays and lowers cooling costs while adding a shady retreat.



Before you can begin enjoying your awning, it’s important to give it a spring cleaning. Make sure that your awning is summer ready by following our tips mentioned below.

Complete a Thorough Inspection

Our Ottawa winters can be unforgiving on more than just our body temperature! The extreme cold partnered with lots of snow and high winds can damage your awning, making inspection necessary each spring.

Check for any signs of decay on your awning by inspecting the fabric for any ripping or tearing. If you find any, they can usually be repaired by yourself or a seamstress.

Next, check the structural integrity of your awning to ensure that it can be trusted for your friends and family to sit underneath. If the frame does not seem sturdy or any other structural issue is found, contact an awning professional.

While waiting for any repairs, avoid using the awning. If you use it before it has been fixed, further damage can occur.

Clear Off Any Debris that Has Accumulated

If your awning was left outside throughout the fall and winter, there’s probably a lot of debris that has accumulated!

Safely set up a ladder and clean off all the leaves, branches and animal droppings with a broom. Sweep away any cobwebs, dirt and dust from the top of the awning and the supports.

Use a Cleaning Solution on Your Awning

Next, use an appropriate cleanser to make your fabric or metal awning look brand new again. Mix your cleaning solution with cold or lukewarm water in a bucket until the solution is foamy.

Using a ladder, spray the top of the awning with your hose. Next, use a stiff brush to scrub the awning in a circular motion. If you have a fabric awning, working in one area at a time allows the cleaning solution to penetrate into the fabric.

After the soap has worked its magic, use your hose to rinse the solution off before allowing it to air dry.

If your awning has windows, use the same cleaning solution you would use to clean your home’s windows to prevent streaking.

Check with a Shading Professional

Have a question about getting your awning ready? Or, need a repair completed?

At Jans Awning and Rollshutters, no awning issue is too big or too small! For 15 years, we have been providing Ottawa and area residents with only the best awnings, roll shutters and retractable screens.  To learn more about getting your awning ready for summer, contact us today.

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Many of us have been waiting for the opportunity to enjoy time outside while hosting family and friends. And finally, the warm weather has arrived!

Backyard Patio Screen


Sometimes, spending time on your deck during the spring and summer months can become limited due to the heat. The good news? A patio shade can let you enjoy your patio for as long as you want – while remaining shaded from the sun!  Here are three of the best patio shade solutions for you to install this season.

1. Retractable Screening

Without blocking the view or detracting from architectural design, retractable screens can provide a great shade solution for large areas. Whether you have a garage, patio, porch, gazebo or another large opening, retractable screens are barely visible when in use – and disappear entirely when not in use.

Besides reducing the sun’s glare, they increase natural ventilation while keeping annoying insects out. Plus, they provide additional security to your home.

Motorized retractable screens provide the most convenient way to help you enjoy your private, protected space. Designed to be as easy as possible to use, motorized retractable screens provide a great way to entertain friends and family while remaining comfortable from the sun’s glare.

2. Talius Habitat Screens

Talius Habitat Screens provide a great solution to avoid the sun’s glare while enjoying privacy in your home. By being installed on the exterior of windows, the sun’s heat and glare are absorbed and reflected due to the screen’s material.

Since a Talius habitat screen prevents the sun’s heat from hitting the window, you can enjoy a view without the sun’s glare! Plus, extra privacy is afforded during the day and night.

Ask us about how Talius habitat screens can also provide protection against insects!

3. Retractable Shades and Balcony Shades

If you have a balcony or veranda and are looking for a reprieve from the sun, retractable shades and balcony shades are a great solution!

Without blocking your view of the outdoors, retractable shades and balcony shades provide shelter from the sun and light rain. While looking fashionable, they can help provide numerous extra hours of enjoyment in your backyard – and can even add wind protection!

Regardless of the shape of your deck or patio, retractable shades can easily convert it into a cool and comfortable outdoor space. No wall is required, making retractable shades easy to adapt to an existing structure. Fading is a non-issue due to the number of great fabrics used that are fade resistant.

With the push of a button, ShadeFX Retractable Canopies can provide shade protection for up to 600 square feet. Have an even bigger area? Combine multiple canopies to protect whatever sized space required!

If desired, the canopy can be opened to whatever area you would like shade or protection from rain to be – leaving the rest of the area exposed to the outdoors.

Contact Us for More Patio Shade Solutions

Get the most out of the warm weather season by installing a patio shade! Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters to learn about all the options available.

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Many residents of Ottawa enjoy the comfort and shelter provided by awnings. If you are looking to purchase an awning for your home or business however, you may be surprised to learn the vast array of choices you have when it comes to this feature. The first decision you will usually have to make is whether to get a retractable or a stationary awning.

awning on deck


Both have their pros and cons.

Retractable awnings

Many people in Ottawa choose retractable awnings for their home because they offer flexibility. For example, you may not always want your awning extended. Some people prefer to use them only when the sun is very hot or when they need shelter from the rain.  If the awning is retractable, you have the option of whether to use it or not.

Retractable awnings are made from a heavy duty fabric which comes in a wide variety of prints and colours. If you are the type of person that likes to keep changing up your décor, then by installing a retractable awning, you will also have the option to change the look of your awning with the season or when the mood strikes you.

One drawback is that because they have moving parts, a retractable awning is going to be more expensive than a stationary one. While the older hand-crank style is still available on the market today, most retractable awnings are now motorized and can be controlled with a switch or remote.

Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are for those who wish for it to be a permanent part of their building. This type of awning is frequently used by business owners because they can be used to incorporate signage. For example, a fixed awning that is part of a local restaurant may display the business name and phone number.

These awnings tend to be less costly than their retractable counterparts and very sturdy.

Additionally, fixed awnings offer more choice in shape and covering material. Like retractable awnings, fixed awnings may be covered in fabric, but they can also be covered in aluminum or other specialty materials.

Should I choose a retractable or a fixed awning?

The answer to what type of awning you should choose depends in part on your personal preference, but also on the space that you have to work with.

If you want the flexibility of being able to only have the awning out when you want, then a retractable awning makes sense. It is also a good choice if you live in an area that frequently gets high winds because you’ll be able to roll it up when the weather turns nasty.

On the other hand, a stationary awning can still be a good choice if you have enough room for the required supporting posts and if you have your heart set on a particular shape.

As long as you have your awning installed properly and take good care of it, either kind can last you for many years.

Whether you are in the market for a retractable awning or a fixed awning – or whether you still have questions – the experts at Jans Awnings in Ottawa can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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If you’ve been wondering about how to attract more customers to your business, have you considered installing a commercial awning? Available in a variety of styles, commercial awnings draw attention to your storefront, bringing more business to you!

commercial awning over patio


One of the first decisions you’ll have to make after a decision to install a commercial awning is to choose an appropriate colour. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

The Goal of a Commercial Awning

As an effective marketing tool, a commercial awning should welcome customers while also making a great first impression. They provide an opportunity for your business’ personality to shine and stand out from the competition on the street.

Available in a variety of innovative designs, they easily add an impact to an otherwise ordinary storefront.

Choosing Your Commercial Awning’s Colour: Not as Easy as It Seems!

Choosing a colour for your commercial storefront is much different than selecting one for your home. At home, you can choose one based on your personal preferences and the colour surrounding your property. But with a commercial awning, a lot more thought needs to be put into selecting the right colour.

Choosing a Solid Colour

By choosing a solid colour, your commercial awning can easily be matched to your store’s branding.

Because colour can be used to send a certain message to your potential customers, choose your colour wisely! You want your commercial awning to be a continuation of your branding, so think about what that is. Certain colours convey more excitement to your business, whereas others offer a more calming effect.

Check out the list below for the type of message certain colours convey:

Orange: An especially attractive colour for children, orange also signifies power, energy and fun.
Blue: Known for wisdom and trust.
Pink: More attractive to females, pink is the colour of royalty and symbolizes luxury.
Gold: Traditional royal colour representing wealth and sophistication.
Brown: A great colour to be used for relaxation and stability, brown represents nature.
Black: A great choice to be used as a contrast colour, elegance is associated with black.

Adding a Logo to Your Commercial Awning

Besides choosing a solid colour for your commercial awning, have you considered graphically embellishing it with a message or logo? Not only does this addition make your storefront easy to find by passersby, it seamlessly associates your storefront with your brand!

Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters for Your Commercial Awning Needs

With all the colours, patterns and designs available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the perfect commercial awning for your business!

For help with choosing the best colour for your particular business, contact the professionals at Jans Awning and Rollshutters. Not only can we manage the entire project including design, but we can also complete the concrete foundations, illuminations and installation.

To get started designing your commercial awning, contact the experts at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today.

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Adding an awning to your home has many tangible benefits. It can enhance your home’s outward visual appeal and also increase the resale value of the property because it sets your home apart from the rest.

awning covering back porch


Adding an awning is a very inexpensive way to extend the exterior living space of your home while offering maximum protection from the sun’s harsh rays. An awning can add charm and personality to your home and transform a plain façade into something special.

When an awning is strategically placed on your home, you create sustainable savings by lowering cooling costs. These savings occur by blocking and/or reducing the amount of solar heat and UV radiation that traditionally gets absorbed; thereby, reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool your home. Your return on investment accrues over time because you have an attractive and controllable way to manage your interior cooling expenses.

Although, most patio awnings are designed mainly for sun protection, some are designed to protect against rain and higher levels of wind. You will no longer be chased indoors by wind gusts, rain showers or even downpours; however, there are several decisions to consider before installing an awning.


An awning installation requires some planning ahead of time to determine desired location, type of awning and the amount of coverage needed. Awning installation can vary on several factors, such as what you want and what you need for optimum performance. The right type of awning can minimize heating and cooling costs by protecting the windows from the elements.

Here are a few of the most common decisions that need to be made when it comes to awning installation:

  • Size – Choosing the right size of awning will help keep the appearance of your home balanced and pleasing to the eye.
  • Placement – The structure that will be the awning’s base has an impact on what awnings can be installed, so keep that in mind throughout the planning process.
  • Style – When deciding on the style of awning you plan on having, you want to make sure that whatever one you choose fits with the existing style of the home.
  • Material – Awnings can be made out of a variety of materials including canvas, vinyl, resin, aluminum or galvanized steel. The material the awning is made of can determine how effective it is at protecting the windows or how much light is allowed into the home.
  • Colour – Will your awning complement the exterior of your home? Do you want your awning to blend into its surroundings or stand out?
  • Patterns can be a helpful way to get your awning to stand out from others or to reflect your personality on your home.
  • Custom design – Awnings can be customized by colour, style and material. You can have ornate awnings built to your specific requirements, including colour, material, size and style. When a basic template is used, awnings can be designed that account for odd sized windows. They can be made in specific colours using the material you want.


Once you have made your awning choices, your awning installation professional will be ready to attach the awning and accompanying hardware to your home. The awning will be secured so that you don’t have to worry. The professional will also make sure that the awning they offer will fit in completely to the intended area.

Let the experts at Jans Awnings & Rollshutters help you decide the right awning for you. We offer a wide range of styles and our awnings and canopies come with a manufacturer’s warranty and all installations are fully guaranteed.


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Looking for more liveable space at the cottage? If you don’t mind the long drive and the decreased amenities, but hate the bugs and inclement weather that cottage country can bring, consider an investment in the outdoor space of your cottage. Make your stay at the cottage a little more comfortable with an enclosure that suits your needs and helps keep the pests outside, where they belong.

Screened room at the cottage

Roll Shutters

Roll shutters a great addition to any deck, gazebo, pavilion or cottage. Roll shutters are made of aluminum and are retractable. They work well to keep the sun and rain from that outdoor party. They can be applied to the existing windows of the cottage, including a sunroom. Roll shutters are versatile in that you get to determine just how much sun is too much. Roll shutters are motorized for your convenience. The brilliance of roll shutters is that they are also a security feature that will make a great addition to the security repertoire of your cottage. Most cottage owners do not live at the cottage year-round. Having the extra security that roll shutters provide will give you extra comfort in knowing your home away from home is safe and sound.

Screened Rooms

A screened room increases your living space at the cottage. If you own a cottage, you most certainly have a love for the outdoors, Sometimes the outdoors can be uncomfortable. Bugs and excessive sun can put a damper on the gorgeous days spent at the cottage. Creating a screened room can help with this. Whether you have an existing roof structure such as a pavilion or gazebo or are looking to have one built, adding screens, will add to the protection and comfort this living space can provide. A screened room will keep the bugs out and protect from exposure to the sun while still allowing that beautiful breeze to come through.

Retractable Screens

The only thing better than the protection screens can provide is the protection retractable screens can give.  Retractable screens can provide a barrier to the outdoors while keeping your options open. Whether it be for your deck, patio, garage or spa area, retractable screens will add both comfort and versatility. A retractable screen will provide protection from the sun and the bugs. Privacy can also be enjoyed when retractable screens are used at the cottage. When they aren’t needed, they go away, giving you full exposure when desired.

Increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors while at the cottage is always the goal. A little investment in your outdoor space with screens or shutters can get the job done and keep you outside longer.

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Even with summertime now a thing of the past, you can still get enjoyment from your awning throughout the rest of the year!

retractable awning in winter

Blur the Boundaries between Inside and Outside

An awning is a great way to extend your home into the outdoors!

By providing some protection from weather elements, an awning allows homeowners to enjoy being outside, even when the temperature starts to drop.

Fixed Retractable Awnings: Making Fall and Winter More Enjoyable Outside!

Certain fixed retractable awnings are suitable for use all year round – even in inclement weather!

By being built with a four seasons vinyl cloth canvas, winter’s snow accumulation can even be accommodated with a fixed retractable awning! The pronounced slope allows the snow to easily slide off, and special wind tubes can accommodate snow accumulation.

Built to be really strong and able to endure extreme weather, a retractable awning can even help to keep your deck clear of snow.

Any snow that does build-up on the awning should be carefully removed from the outside. This helps ensure that your retractable awning will last for many years to come.

Keep Your Retractable Awning Fully Protected – Easily!

Not planning to use your awning for a while, or going away on vacation? Then easily retract it to keep it fully protected under its rigid aluminum cover hood.

Enjoying Your Awning during the Cooler Temperatures

With the many choices available – ranging from retractable and fixed awnings to external blinds, shutters, and umbrellas – staying protected from the elements is possible with your awning.

Roof liners are even available which help stop condensation from collecting on whatever’s stored underneath your awning!

Need a large place to work on your skis or snowboard this winter? Consider setting up your workbench underneath your awning to stay protected while getting winter projects completed!

Keeping Warm (Even in the Cold) Underneath Your Awning

Even when the temperatures truly start to drop, use of your awning doesn’t need to stop!

With patio heaters and spotlights available for use with awnings, you can continue to get your money’s worth out of your awning investment.

Entertain Easily All Year Long with an Awning

Consider installing some built-in seating underneath your awning so that you can entertain all year-round outside. Another option is to install a fireplace or firepit near your patio so that winter’s cold wind is kept at bay.

No longer does grilling need to stop when summer ends! An awning keeps you protected while cooking outdoors.

Frequently entertain with friends? Think about installing a built-in bench to store readily-accessible blankets and sweaters so that you can continue to comfortably entertain – even while outside!

Consult the Experts at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters

Enjoy your patio or deck throughout all four seasons this year. With the correct type of awning purchased, no longer will you use the season as an excuse for not using your outdoor space!

Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today for more information on awnings.