Alternatives to Fences for Backyard Privacy

Published On: May 19, 2020|Categories: Retractable Screens|

There’s almost nothing better during summers in Ottawa than lounging around your backyard on those warm summer days, but that enjoyment can be cut short if there isn’t any privacy to create some peace and quiet. If your outdoor space doesn’t have much privacy, there are ways you can easily – and inexpensively – create your very own paradise where neighbours won’t be able to hear and see everything you’re doing, without fencing in your yard. This summer, here are a few ideas for making your backyard space everything you want it to be. 

Retractable Screens

Super-Sized Planters

Sometimes homeowners don’t want to fence in their yard, for various reasons, but they crave a bit of privacy. Some homeowners plant large shrubs along the perimeter of their property, but this can be quite expensive and sometimes will take years to fill out. An alternative to this is to purchase super-sized planters and fill them with large plants. What’s great about this is that you can choose to section of a portion of your yard to give privacy and leave the rest open if you want. This option is relatively inexpensive, unless you choose to fill the planters with pricey plants or flowers that take a lot of maintenance and upkeep. You can select to change your plants every year, too. 

Outdoor Curtains

If you have a patio or deck space, you likely already have a great set up for outdoor curtains. You can pick your curtains to match your style, and they can be pinned back so you can choose how much privacy you have. These curtains can also help to keep sun out if you’re trying to enjoy your morning coffee or dinner with your family. Additionally, these are not a permanent fixture so if you find they give you too much privacy or not enough, you can choose to change it up every season. 

Retractable Screens & Privacy

Retractable screens – a product offered by Jans Awnings – is a very budget-friendly way to give yourself some privacy in your backyard this summer. The screen can be anchored to a deck or patio, or even to your house depending on the kind you purchase and they come in a variety of sizes so you’ll be able to find exactly the one you’re looking for. These screens are easy to use, and they look sleek and sophisticated.

We might be stuck at home this summer and not be able to travel far for our regular summer vacations, so it’ll be important to make sure we make the most of our time at home. Make sure you enjoy the beautiful Ottawa summer days and nights with some privacy in your backyard. Whether you hang outdoor curtains or put up a privacy screen, you will be soaking up the sun in your very own private paradise. 

To learn more about how you can use retractable screens to improve the privacy you have in your backyard, contact Jans Awnings today. 

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