Avoid Sunburn this Spring and Summer

Published On: April 25, 2016|Categories: Outdoor Living|

The weather is warming up and the days are starting to get longer. If you’re going to be out in the sun on your patio or deck, especially when it’s hot outside, you should try and stay safe from the sun. Down by the beach you’ll slather on SPF for on-the-go protection. But at home, there’s an easier choice.

house with retractable awning


When it’s finally time to sit back and relax out back on a nice weekend, nobody wants to worry about applying sunscreen all the time. This is where owning an awning comes in handy. An awning or retractable awning is the perfect answer. With proper positioning or the press of a button you can have sun or shade, depending on the weather and the activities going on around you. Great for relief from the sun and perfect for those wanting to avoid sunburns.

Avoid Sunburns with Awnings

If you want to sit outside in the heat of the day and have a cold beverage or just sit outside to watch the kids, and you don’t want to get sunburnt, your awning gives you that nice cover of shade. You’ll still feel the warm air, but you won’t have to worry about those harmful rays.

Doctors advise that you should wear sunscreen whenever you plan on being exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Those penetrating UVA and UVB rays can have a serious impact on your skin with a painful sunburn being the most common problem. It can also lead to less time out enjoying your backyard with friends and loved ones.

Awnings not only extend your living space but enrich the way you experience the outdoors. And with warmer weather not going anywhere for a while, awnings are the perfect product for you and your safety and enjoyment. Shade is the original, all-natural, mother nature approved sunburn preventative.

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