Are Roll Shutters Energy Efficient?

Published On: July 19, 2017|Categories: Rollshutters|

When it comes to window treatments, many people like to opt for roll shutters. These are versatile and complement the look of all types of décor and are suitable to commercial as well as residential settings. Not only are they easy to install & maintain, but they add to the aesthetics and value of your property as well. They look elegant and since they are compact in design, occupy very little space.

Energy saving roll shutters

Roll Shutter Energy Efficiency – How It Works

Window treatments such as these provide privacy and enhance the appearance of the indoor spaces in your home or commercial property. Aside from this, window treatments also shield the indoor spaces from the outdoor heat and light. Let’s take a look at how roll shutters add to the energy-efficiency of your home:

Filter Light

These shutters protect the indoor spaces from heat, light, cold and rain. They filter natural light that enters your home through the windows. Modern architecture makes use of a lot of glass and it’s common to see large glass windows and doors on home structures. While these features make the spaces look more expansive, they also bring in excessive light and heat.

When you have curtains on your windows, you have no option but to draw them completely when it’s very bright or hot outdoors. It also means you end up using more artificial lighting, which can drive up your energy bills. On the other hand, with energy efficient roll shutters, you can open or shut them to the degree you need and let in the amount of light you desire and cut down your usage of artificial lighting; this helps you save on utility bills.

Regulate Indoor Temperatures

In the colder months, these shutters keep the indoor heating from escaping out and they minimize the amount of cold air that enters a room. In the hotter months, the opposite holds true. This helps maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature as it insulates the indoors from climatic changes. It reduces the stress on your HVAC system, which in turn adds to the energy-efficiency of your home.

Opt for the Best Roll Shutter Energy Saver

Today, you will find a wide variety of roll shutters on the market, made with materials such as fabric, vinyl and wood and you can choose ones that match your décor, personal preferences and budget. If you want better energy-efficiency, opt for thicker fabrics and denser materials, as these offer better insulation from the outdoor temperatures. You can choose darker colors when you want more privacy and shade and lighter ones if you prefer that more light enter into the room.

You have the option to choose from manual or automated roll shutters. The latter are more convenient and can be operated via a wall switch or remote control. If you are looking for the best roll shutters in Ottawa and the surrounding area, contact Jans Awning Products

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