Buying an Awning from a Big Box Store vs. a Local Business

Published On: October 15, 2021|Categories: Awnings|

So you’ve decided to add an awning to your Ottawa home but are still looking for exactly the right one. Many big box stores have awnings available, but that doesn’t mean going with a big box store to purchase your awning is going to give you what you ultimately want. Here’s why.

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Quality of Awning Materials

Ever wonder why big box stores can give you a product at a lower price? Well, often, the products are mass-produced as quickly as possible. This means they may not be built as well or use the same quality materials. If you want your awning to last and be able to use it for years with your family, enjoying your outdoor space, you will want to consider making the investment of an awning that is higher in quality.

Awning Choices & Options

When you choose a locally owned Ottawa store, you have an (almost) unlimited number of choices in terms of materials and colours. Plus, you will be able to customize certain options and choose the exact size you need for your space instead of dealing with the pre-determined sizes the big box stores have in stock.


The employees at a big box store don’t have the experience or specific knowledge of awnings. But local small awnings businesses? This is all they do.

You know how you want the end result to look, but the awning you choose may not work for the space you have. Employees at small, locally owned businesses will be able to give you options as to what with work best for your home, including size options and whether you want a manual or automatic extension on the awning.

Quality Awning Installation

Many smaller companies will offer installation of their product when you make a purchase, whereas bigger stores will typically not offer this option, so you will be on your own to install your new purchase.

If you aren’t sure about installing it yourself or need the awning delivered to your home, buying from a smaller company will give you the option to choose delivery and installation by professionals who do this all the time, and you’ll know it’s installed properly.

Supporting Local Businesses

Many small businesses open because they are truly passionate and knowledgeable about the product they offer. When you are making the investment in a new awning for an Ottawa home, it makes sense that you want to work with someone who knows awnings and can offer you sound, professional advice.

Shopping with small businesses also helps keep money in the local economy. You’re helping small business owners who spend their own money in your community rather than sending your consumer dollars off to some corporate office. You’re also helping these small businesses grow and build their customer base.

While purchasing an awning from a big box store may seem like a cheaper option, it may not be the best investment. While it may be a smaller amount of money upfront, you may find that you are replacing the awning frequently and ultimately spending more.

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