Get a Better Night Sleep with Rollshutters

Published On: January 16, 2017|Categories: Rollshutters|

When the sun goes down and you want security, privacy and a quiet, nocturnal environment, you can’t beat having rollshutters on your home or business.

Cottage Rollshutter

What are Rollshutters?

Rollshutters consists of interlocking slats that are made out of roll-formed aluminium with either a dense polyurethane foam core or a hard resin core. They come in a variety of sizes, strengths and operators, depending on your requirements. They are either operated manually with cranks or torsion spring operators, or they are motorized using a switch or remote. For added security, locks are available.


Rollshutters are an ideal way of keeping out intruders. Unlike alarm systems that alert you when someone unauthorized is already in the premises, keeping them out to start with is the best solution. They are used globally to secure different types of premises.


Rollshutters may be lowered completely at night to form strong curtains that will prevent unauthorized intruders. Since rollshutters are controlled from inside, no unauthorized operation can occur and you can have the additional security of choosing automatic or locking mechanisms. For business owners, rollshutters provide a barrier in front of your expensive storefront glass preventing costly replacement and rising insurance costs.


Closed rollshutters provide an ideal level of privacy, creating a buffer between the open and closed area of your business. You can close off food preparation areas, reception areas, bars or any other area you do not want accessed by the public and if you or your staff needs to work late, your privacy is assured that vulnerability to vandalism is minimized.

They are used throughout the world as protection from vandalism in congregations, schools, concession stands, home, businesses & recreational facilities.

Noise Insulation & Sleep:

Aluminum roller shutters with sound-absorbing and CFC-free insulating foam, not only keeps noise from escaping your home, but they reduce the noise level considerably from getting into your home. This level of noise reduction makes them the ideal choice by shift workers who work at night and must sleep by day. Rollshutters improve your quality of sleep with their level of darkness and silence from disturbing noises.

For people who suffer from migraine headaches, rollshutters dramatically reduce and insulate a person from brain piercing noises that make migraines worse and prolong their occurrence. Rollshutters provide the perfect nocturnal environment to help you get to sleep and sleep longer without noise interruption such as the sound of lawn mowers, barking dogs and external city sounds.

Even if sleeping is not an issue due to light, work or migraines, you’ll sleep more securely during the night knowing your house is secure from extreme weather storms resulting in falling branches and debris crashing through a window.


If your home is in the Ottawa or surrounding areas, Jans Awnings & Rollshutters can install new Rollshutters at a time that works best for you. Give Us A Call or Contact Us today.

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