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Are you considering installing an awning onto your building? Great decision! Although you probably already know about the fantastic benefits awnings provide, you may not know how they attach to your building. We’ve got the answers for you here!




Installing Awnings Safely and Easily

Usually, awnings and canopies are attached to the face (side) of the building. Regardless of whether your building has brick, aluminum or vinyl, an awning can be mounted relatively easily.

Created to be self-supporting, retractable awnings extend off the building wall. Internal springs found in the awning’s arms work in conjunction with a torsion bar. Although installations can differ depending on manufacturers, they all follow roughly the same procedure.

An awning rail, which provides the awning’s foundation, should be positioned at an appropriate distance from the window or door. After ensuring that it’s level, the awning rail can be secured in place.

To hang the awning, the casting needs to be completely secured to the awning’s arms. Check that the canopy’s level and adjust as needed. Install the bolt heads outwards to avoid fabric tears.

Next, attach the bottom mounting bracket to the awning arm using crews or rivets. Release the preset tension by using the pull strap to open the awning. Check the awning requirements and make any needed adjustments.

With the awning fully open, attach the window straphanger at the awning’s centre. Keep the hanger at a comfortable distance from the top rail to avoid tearing.

Installing Awnings around Barriers

Although the majority of awnings can be installed using the method above, some situations require a unique approach.

For example, many of our customers are concerned about attaching an awning around a chimney or other type of obstruction. But there’s no need to worry! Your awning can be easily mounted on roofs, around chimneys and more when you hire one of our expert installers!

Enjoying a Motorized Awning

Who doesn’t like convenience?!

Motorized awnings can be easily activated with the help of a remote control. After installing the awning and plugging the cord into an electrical outlet, effortlessly extend and retract the awning with the touch of a button!

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters: Expert Awning Installers

We know from customers’ experiences: installing an awning may seem easy at first but can quickly become a frustrating process.

It can sometimes be challenging to keep the awning level or know how to set the tension properly. Instead of struggling with the installation yourself and possibly creating damage to your awning, it’s best to hire an awning specialist.

At Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, we have a dedicated team of professionals that have years of experience attaching awnings to buildings. We know how to complete the installation so that your awning can be safely and reliably enjoyed for years to come.

Contact us today to learn more about our awning selection as well as our installation process.

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When you own a business, you want to do everything in your power to keep it safe and protected. Any business owner knows that it’s a frightening thought to have their business exposed to a thief or intruder. Unfortunately, every year, unprotected businesses and commercial buildings incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and lost profit from vandalism and theft. This is not a problem you want to encounter, but there is something that you can do to eliminate the threat.




It’s a known fact that intruders always seek the fastest method of entry, which is often through windows and doors. Rolling security shutters are designed to safeguard your property against these situations so that you can have peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secured. They help protect what matters most to you, your business. Talius commercial roller shutters have earned a reputation for protecting businesses from break-ins across North America.

There are several reasons why roller shutters are the ideal method of securing your business. From saving you money to protecting your assets, these aluminum shutters offer the most secure method of keeping your business safe. They are the ultimate solution for preventing forced entry. Additionally, they can be customized and branded to fit your business aesthetics.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider security roller shutters:

Enhance Security & Privacy

A significant reason for having rolling stutters is that they provide added security and privacy to your business when you need it most. Regardless of the location of your business, especially on a busy road, you won’t have to worry about prying eyes,  a passer-by or would be thieves when the business is closed since they block the view completely. The shutters are made from top quality aluminum which makes them incredibly durable. This added strength helps to diminish crimes such as burglary or vandalism.

Energy Efficient

Rolling security shutters are energy efficient. They can help with regulating indoor temperatures by minimizing the amount of cold air that seeps into space in addition to keeping the heat from seeping out. They reduce the need to install costly heating and cooling systems to regulate indoor temperatures on a temporary basis. Their superior insulation help to keep your energy bills down, which is an essential aspect of running any business.

Reduced Noise Levels

Security roller shutters can reduce noise levels by half. This is an essential feature for any commercial setting. Not only will the outside noise be reduced from entering your building, but the inside noise will also be diminished. This enables people from being distracted or disturbed who may be working or walking around the inside of your facility.

Ease of Operation

Security rolling shutters are simple to use. They are designed to open and close quickly. This operation prevents unnecessary heat loss while allowing for hassle-free, ease of operation. Since rolling shutters offer a vertical opening, there is space left at the opening which can be utilized for other things, like parking or loading/unloading items.

Weather Resistant

Rolling security shutters stand firm against the elements and adverse weather conditions. Without some protection, your business is exposed to strong winds, heavy rains, blistering snow/hail storms, etc. These weather conditions can play havoc with your building, costing thousands of dollars of damage and profit loss.

Stay Safe & Secure

When you evaluate your business, there are many aspects that you must consider. Safety and security of your premises are especially important in your deliberations. By installing security shutters for your business, you protect your investment and prevent any unauthorized intrusions with an affordable, secure and strong system of protection.

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Last spring, how many times did you try to enjoy time outside but instead got uncomfortable from sun and insects?

Whether it’s from a lack of shade or annoying bugs, enjoying the warmer months outside at your home or cottage can be difficult.

With a retractable screen, you are no longer limited to how long you can spend outside! Here’s why you should be making plans to install a retractable screen at your home or cottage next spring:




1. They Provide Protection Without Creating an Obstruction

One of retractable screen’s most significant benefits is that they protect without obstructing your backyard view. Available in a variety of mesh types, retractable awnings are barely visible when in use.

When not in use, quickly and easily retract the screen into its protecting casing by pushing a button.

2. They Get Rid of Insect Problems

Insects are one of the biggest annoyances that prevent us from enjoying the outdoors. Add food and drinks while sitting outside and your insect issue becomes even worse!

Without a retractable screen to protect from insects, it’s only a matter of time before you are forced to move back inside to comfort.

3. They Provide Privacy and Security

One of the lesser known benefits of installing retractable screening is that they help improve privacy and security around your home. Extend the time you spend outdoors by creating your private sanctuary with the help of a retractable screen!

4. They Help You Enjoy the Outdoors without the Sun’s Heat and Glare

Stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays while still enjoying your time outdoors! With retractable screens, you can enjoy natural ventilation without being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

As a versatile product, retractable screens can be easily installed on your garage, patio, porch, gazebo or another large opening. They also help lower the energy costs associated with cooling your home!

5. They Maintain the Integrity of Your Home’s Design

Choosing a colour and model to match your home’s aesthetics is easy with retractable screens. Able to be mounted on existing structures, retractable screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style.

Whether your home, garage or porch is constructed from wood, brick, stucco, natural stone or concrete, a retractable screen can blend in beautifully.

To fully showcase your home, completely conceal your retractable screen when not in use.

Now’s the Time to Book Your Retractable Screen to be Installed for the Spring!

Although it may seem like a long way off, spring will be arriving in only a few short weeks.

After our long, cold winter, a retractable screen at your home or cottage will help you to maximize the enjoyment of the warmer weather.

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters is Ottawa’s specialists for motorized retractable screens. Make the most of your outdoor living space during the warmer months!

Contact us today to get your retractable screen ready to be enjoyed this spring!

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Some people may initially think that adding special awnings to cover pergolas is an odd idea. After all, doesn’t an awning make a pergola – well, not really a pergola? But if you have much experience with pergolas, you might realize how smart an idea this can actually be.



Remember when you first had your pergola built or installed? You probably had romantic ideas of warm summer evenings with your significant other or with close friends. Perhaps you imagined sitting under it on a lazy summer day with a good book, or maybe you envisioned sitting with your sweetie with a couple of nice glasses of vino. Hopefully, you have been able to enjoy your pergola in this way!

But there were most likely less comfortable experiences with it as well. Remember that time when the sun was so bright and hot that your eyes could barely focus on the gleaming white pages of that book or when a cold drizzle brought your romantic evening to a swift end. Most people who enjoy the beauty of pergolas at some point find themselves a little frustrated with the lack of shelter they provide.

Pergolas can add a stately and beautiful quality to any outdoor space, but they don’t always give you as much protection from the elements as you would like. While they can provide a bit of shade, bright midday sunlight can still find its way through to beat down on you. And if you’d like to stay outdoors during a light rain shower, forget about staying dry under a pergola.

But what if you could add more function to your pergola? One way to do this is to use special awnings which can cover the top of it. Adding an awning to your pergola effectively turns it into your own outdoor room where you can enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about getting wet in the rain or being exposed to too much sun.

You can even take it a step further and add retractable shades for added protection against the wind.

Besides sheltering you and your guests, over pergola awnings also help protect your patio furniture, BBQ, or any other item you may be storing underneath your pergola. And even if sitting outside during a rainfall isn’t your thing, at least you know that you will not have to sit on wet cushions should you decide to go back out once the sun reappears!

Here at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters, we offer beautiful Shade FX Retractable Canopies that can cover up to 600 square feet of space and can be extended or retracted at the touch of a button. These awnings are available in a large selection of fade-resistant fabrics. These awnings can adapt to existing structures, so no additional wall is needed.

If you would like to add a bit more function to your pergola by adding an awning, then contact us today to learn more.

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What’s been holding you back from purchasing an aluminum awning?

The potential associated maintenance work? The fear that it will not last through Ontario’s harsh winters? Or the concern that it will take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal?

Many of the worries homeowners have about awnings are simply not true! In fact, installing an aluminum awning is a wonderful improvement to your home. Here are the five most significant benefits of choosing an aluminum awning.


1. Aluminum Awnings are Low Maintenance

With the amount of yard work that you already do, it’s understandable that you do not want anything requiring more maintenance! The good news is that aluminum awnings require little to no maintenance, making them one of the lowest-maintenance awning options available.

Rainwater simply drains off the aluminum, making them much easier to clean than a fabric awning. If any dirt or grime accumulates, a hose can simply spray it off. Window maintenance is also reduced since awnings stop a lot of the weather elements from contacting with the glass.

The best part? Since they’re designed to be a permanent fixture on your home, aluminum awnings don’t need to be removed before winter. Although not necessary, any icicles that form along the awning’s edge can be carefully removed with an ice scraper.

2. Aluminum Awnings are Built to Last

Year after year, an aluminum awning will be able to withstand heavy wind, rain, snow and heat.

Aluminum awnings remain firmly in place – and intact – since they are screwed into beams and braces. Regardless of what the weather has in store, there’s no need to fear that an aluminum awning will tear!

3. Aluminum Awnings are Energy Efficient

Although washing machines, furnaces and windows are popular ways to save on energy, aluminum awnings provide energy efficiency, too!

Strategic placement of your aluminum awning will ensure that the sun’s heat is absorbed, thereby reducing your air conditioning costs. Their insulated layers help the area stay cool underneath the awning. In fact, areas, where aluminum awnings are located, can be 20 percent cooler than the rest of a home!

4. Aluminum Awnings Add to Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Available in various colours, styles, shapes and sizes, aluminum awnings provide an excellent opportunity to add to your home’s aesthetics.

Whether your home has a modern or more traditional style, there is an aluminum awning available that will blend in beautifully!

5. Aluminum Awnings are Affordable

The associated cost normally plays a huge factor in choosing to install an awning. Aluminum awnings are more affordably priced than metal awnings. Aluminum awnings provide an incredibly cost-savings measure for adding protection around your home. Plus, aluminum awnings are built to last many years!

Want to experience the benefits of an aluminum awning yourself? Contact Jans Awnings to speak to one of our awning experts today!

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Awnings offer homeowners both style and beauty while bringing valuable shade to your home. Retractable awnings protect your family from harmful UV rays as much as 94%. They extend the living space of your home, so it’s like adding a low-cost room extension. They can add charm and personality to your home and transform a plain façade into something special. Awnings can set your home apart from the rest.


Awning Energy Savings

Awnings have proven to substantially lower air conditioning bills plus protect your furnishings and carpet from fading. In addition to their attractiveness, awnings keep your home much cooler during the heat of the summer months. They help reduce air conditioning costs by decreasing the amount of heat that infiltrates the inside of your home by as much as 77%.

Fabric & Colours for Awnings

There are numerous sleek, innovative fabric designs known for their durability. Sunbrella® manufactures the fabric used in most high-quality awnings. This material is recognized for its superior fade and stain resistance plus it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Along with the many benefits of installing a residential awning that protects your living space from inclement weather, your awning will also contribute towards making your home more stylish by choosing an awning colour that blends with the exterior colour and décor of your home. By picking an awning colour that complements the usage of the covered area, you will add a touch of panache to the exterior.

There are many colours to choose among but here are some of the most popular:

  • Red: If the exterior of home is painted with yellow, white or tan colour, you can consider any shade of red awnings.
  • Blue: The blue awnings are considered the best choice for white homes.
  • Yellow: Normally, the awning colour complements homes painted in colours having different amounts of yellow. The yellow awning colour will also complement white home exteriors perfectly.
  • Brown: Many people opt for brown awnings due to their effectiveness in adding dimension to the home’s exterior. 

Cleaning the Awning

Retractable aluminum awnings do not require a great deal of care to keep them looking fresh and new, but you do want to clean them on occasion and before closing up for the season.

With a gentle spray from the hose or a broom, remove any leftover loose debris on the awning and begin cleaning the awning from the bottom up. Wash all parts of the awning before tackling the cleaning of the fabric.

If there’s dirt on the awning, use warm water and a soft bristled brush along with a mild soap, like Ivory Flakes. Stay away from any harsh detergents because this can damage the fabric of the awning.

Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue on the fabric since leftover soap will leave marks and a chalky appearance. Allow the awning to dry out naturally and entirely before retracting it.

Final Word

An awning can last for many years if properly maintained, cleaned, lubricated and protected. They are designed for durability so that you can enjoy their beauty and protection from the sun’s harsh summer rays while creating an extended living space for your family and friends to enjoy.

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You can improve the look and exterior living space of your business by installing a retractable awning. Not only will it offer maximum protection from the sun, but it will enhance your business by the beauty of its appearance.



When you add an awning to your business storefront, you’re creating a unique branding opportunity. This attractive addition also protects your property from the outside elements, such as the heat of solar rays entering your premise.

In the Ottawa area, businesses that have installed awnings enjoy the many benefits that an awning provides. Whether it’s Carleton Square, catering to a vibrant university or Ottawa East with its many shops and restaurants, Landsdowne Park, awnings play a big part in building business brand awareness. They cater to their patrons by providing shade and comfort while being remembered as a place to revisit.

Energy Savings

When an awning is strategically placed on your building, you create sustainable savings from the merciless summer heat through lowering cooling costs. These savings occur by blocking and reducing the amount of solar heat and UV radiation that traditionally gets absorbed by your building; thereby, reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool your business space. Your return on investment accrues over time because you have an attractive and controllable way to manage your interior cooling expenses. Regardless of whether your business is an office building or a store-front retail space, your establishment will benefit from custom commercial awnings.

A New Look

Adding a retractable awning to your business gives you the opportunity of showing off a new look. A retractable awning allows you the chance to change the face and feel of your commercial space with a customized look. A retractable awning provides a dramatic effect to the outside of your company and offers the impression of a major renovation that can attract customers.

Expanding Outside Space

Retracting awnings give the opportunity to expand outside space into a more usable environment. It can provide shade and shelter for both customers and employees alike. In the case of restaurants with patio or cafes, retractable awnings are particularly beneficial because they provide their customers with more comfortable surroundings as a shelter from environmental factors.

Marketing Your Business

A retractable awning can help to enhance your marketing and advertising because branding and awnings go together. Retractable awnings can make your business stand out in comparison to other local enterprises, giving your company a unique look while enhancing the attractive architecture of your building. These awnings are a great way to lure passersby into your storefront, restaurant or office.

Advanced Technology

Over the years, advanced technology has increased the durability and longevity of the materials that are used to make retractable awnings. Materials like the Sunbrella line of textiles are both incredibly stylish and durable option. They offer superior fade, stain resistance and clean quickly.

Brand Your Business

Although installing awnings on your commercial property might appear to be a costly installation, it is a long-term investment that you will be glad that you did. Retractable awnings can last for years, and help reduce your energy costs, advertise your business, and help renovate your exterior.

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We all know how short the warm weather season can be here in Ontario. When it finally arrives, we want to maximize our time outdoors. Screens provide the opportunity to do so! Here are the differences between the types of screens you can install at your home.

Retractable Screens

Enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and comfort by installing a retractable screen!

retractable screens


Without blocking the view or detracting from your property’s design, retractable screens create a great option for patios, gazebos and sunrooms. When in use, they are barely visible, and when not in use, they fully disappear into their protective casing. This means that during those eight or nine months where bugs are not a worry, your screen can remain hidden from view.

All our retractable screens are motorized, making the process seamless when you want to enjoy your screen. They can even be used to connect two porch spaces such as an exterior deck to a ground level screen porch.

The material used in our retractable screening product enhances natural airflow, reduces glare and provides privacy and security…all while keeping pesky bugs away!

Phantom Screens

Let the fresh air in (without the bugs!) while at the same time eliminate slamming doors by installing a phantom screen. A phantom screen’s revolutionary design creates a screen that pulls out easily when needed and disappears out of sight when not in use.

phantom screens


Available in many colours, phantom screens are matched to fit your home’s décor.

Besides providing full ventilation and pest protection without view obstruction, they will fit almost every existing door frame. Double doors and wide spaces up to 25 feet long are accommodated with our phantom screen products.

Screened Rooms

Fixed screens, like those found in screened rooms, provide year-round protection from bugs and weather. With today’s innovative technology in screen material, screened-in rooms can look great – without barely even being noticeable.

When installed by professionals, they are easy to maintain and repair. Panels can be addressed individually, eliminating the need to reinstall the entire screen.

screened rooms


Plan on moving? Screened-in rooms provide a great selling feature!

The best part about installing a screened-in room? You’ll enjoy maximum visibility while breathing in fresh air!

All our screened rooms are custom-designed and manufactured to match your exact needs. This ensures that our screened enclosures will fit your existing space perfectly!

Ask a Professional Screen Expert

Need help choosing which type of screen is best for your home? Ask the professionals!

Jans Awnings and Rollshutters have been installing and maintaining retractable, phantom and fixed screens in the Ottawa and surrounding area for over 15 years. We offer plenty of custom-made solutions when it comes to screens and knows what will work best for your space.

Contact us today for more information about our many screen options!

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At this point, you’re probably almost done your spring cleaning and yard cleanup. What’s next? Relaxing and enjoying Ottawa’s beautiful spring weather on your deck.

The best (and safest) way of enjoying Ottawa’s summer rays is with an awning. Whether it’s retractable or aluminum, an awning provides protection from harmful UV rays and lowers cooling costs while adding a shady retreat.



Before you can begin enjoying your awning, it’s important to give it a spring cleaning. Make sure that your awning is summer ready by following our tips mentioned below.

Complete a Thorough Inspection

Our Ottawa winters can be unforgiving on more than just our body temperature! The extreme cold partnered with lots of snow and high winds can damage your awning, making inspection necessary each spring.

Check for any signs of decay on your awning by inspecting the fabric for any ripping or tearing. If you find any, they can usually be repaired by yourself or a seamstress.

Next, check the structural integrity of your awning to ensure that it can be trusted for your friends and family to sit underneath. If the frame does not seem sturdy or any other structural issue is found, contact an awning professional.

While waiting for any repairs, avoid using the awning. If you use it before it has been fixed, further damage can occur.

Clear Off Any Debris that Has Accumulated

If your awning was left outside throughout the fall and winter, there’s probably a lot of debris that has accumulated!

Safely set up a ladder and clean off all the leaves, branches and animal droppings with a broom. Sweep away any cobwebs, dirt and dust from the top of the awning and the supports.

Use a Cleaning Solution on Your Awning

Next, use an appropriate cleanser to make your fabric or metal awning look brand new again. Mix your cleaning solution with cold or lukewarm water in a bucket until the solution is foamy.

Using a ladder, spray the top of the awning with your hose. Next, use a stiff brush to scrub the awning in a circular motion. If you have a fabric awning, working in one area at a time allows the cleaning solution to penetrate into the fabric.

After the soap has worked its magic, use your hose to rinse the solution off before allowing it to air dry.

If your awning has windows, use the same cleaning solution you would use to clean your home’s windows to prevent streaking.

Check with a Shading Professional

Have a question about getting your awning ready? Or, need a repair completed?

At Jans Awning and Rollshutters, no awning issue is too big or too small! For 15 years, we have been providing Ottawa and area residents with only the best awnings, roll shutters and retractable screens.  To learn more about getting your awning ready for summer, contact us today.

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Many of us have been waiting for the opportunity to enjoy time outside while hosting family and friends. And finally, the warm weather has arrived!

Backyard Patio Screen


Sometimes, spending time on your deck during the spring and summer months can become limited due to the heat. The good news? A patio shade can let you enjoy your patio for as long as you want – while remaining shaded from the sun!  Here are three of the best patio shade solutions for you to install this season.

1. Retractable Screening

Without blocking the view or detracting from architectural design, retractable screens can provide a great shade solution for large areas. Whether you have a garage, patio, porch, gazebo or another large opening, retractable screens are barely visible when in use – and disappear entirely when not in use.

Besides reducing the sun’s glare, they increase natural ventilation while keeping annoying insects out. Plus, they provide additional security to your home.

Motorized retractable screens provide the most convenient way to help you enjoy your private, protected space. Designed to be as easy as possible to use, motorized retractable screens provide a great way to entertain friends and family while remaining comfortable from the sun’s glare.

2. Talius Habitat Screens

Talius Habitat Screens provide a great solution to avoid the sun’s glare while enjoying privacy in your home. By being installed on the exterior of windows, the sun’s heat and glare are absorbed and reflected due to the screen’s material.

Since a Talius habitat screen prevents the sun’s heat from hitting the window, you can enjoy a view without the sun’s glare! Plus, extra privacy is afforded during the day and night.

Ask us about how Talius habitat screens can also provide protection against insects!

3. Retractable Shades and Balcony Shades

If you have a balcony or veranda and are looking for a reprieve from the sun, retractable shades and balcony shades are a great solution!

Without blocking your view of the outdoors, retractable shades and balcony shades provide shelter from the sun and light rain. While looking fashionable, they can help provide numerous extra hours of enjoyment in your backyard – and can even add wind protection!

Regardless of the shape of your deck or patio, retractable shades can easily convert it into a cool and comfortable outdoor space. No wall is required, making retractable shades easy to adapt to an existing structure. Fading is a non-issue due to the number of great fabrics used that are fade resistant.

With the push of a button, ShadeFX Retractable Canopies can provide shade protection for up to 600 square feet. Have an even bigger area? Combine multiple canopies to protect whatever sized space required!

If desired, the canopy can be opened to whatever area you would like shade or protection from rain to be – leaving the rest of the area exposed to the outdoors.

Contact Us for More Patio Shade Solutions

Get the most out of the warm weather season by installing a patio shade! Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters to learn about all the options available.