Protect your Cottage this Winter with Security Rollshutters

Published On: November 24, 2014|Categories: Rollshutters|

Theft and burglary tend to be high this time of the year when the cottages are empty and most cottagers are back at their homes, enjoying festive holidays with the family.

roll shutters down on houseCriminals are attracted to easily accessible residence, such as cottages, because home owners are rarely on site to guard the place down. One of the most common entry points is a ground level window located at the rear of the home. Most people don’t inspect the locks on windows and few realize that only a couple of screws attach a window lock to the sash.

This feature article will take a look at what cottagers can do to enhance security around the cottage area during the winter season, especially when no one is there to patrol the place.

Install Rollshutters:

Most criminals that break and enter a home are amateurs or self-proclaimed professionals. That means that they will not be bothered by alarm systems. They believed that they will be in and out before the police arrive or anyone cares to notice; in most instances that is the case. However, most intruders will not touch a home that is protected with such things as security rollshutters and window security grilles and bars. Rollshutters are hard, if not impossible to bypass. Thus if a thief wants to get by one, they have to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, meaning their chances of getting noticed increases exponentially.

Most home and property owners opt for security rollshutters because they appear to be not much different than sun shades and bug screens. They are available in several colours and can be customized to suit the cottage’s architecture. Most roll shutters are also attached from the outside, but are operated from the inside. Windows security grilles and bars, on the other hand, may change the appearance and look of the home.

Thieves aren’t the only thing you have to worry about in the winter getting into your cottage. All it takes is one little storm to blow a tree branch into your cottage window and all of a sudden, you have a gateway for every type of critter to make a home in your summer home. Not only that, the elements will blow into your home, causing water damage, and mould. Nobody wants to come home to a cottage full of birds, bats and raccoons come Spring, and Roll Shutters on your windows reduces this risk significantly.

Other Security Measures You Should Take When Closing your Cottage for the Year:

• Boats and Canoes- Boats and canoe should not be visible to the naked eye. Instead, bring them higher up on the property and beyond the line-of-sight. If you leave your boat right near the dock area during the off seasons, you might as well put a sign on it that says, “Take Me!”
• Ladders & Furniture – Take ladders home or place them in the shed. Outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs, should also be stored away so they can’t be used to break in.
• Lights – Use automatic timers to turn indoor cottage lights when someone drives by in search of properties to enter. Having the place lit-up at night also makes it easier for neighbours to notice unusual activities.
• Maintenance – As with every property you own, it is important to make sure the cottage looks like it is being maintained on a regular basis. This maintenance plan should include snow plowing.

At Jans Awnings & Rollshutters, we carry a wide range of styles of retractable awnings, window awnings and fixed aluminum awnings as well as rollshutters, retractable screening and phantom screens. This allows us to offer a solution for each of our residential clients within the Ottawa area. If your cottage area is susceptible to theft and break and entries, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your security needs.

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