Retractable Roll Screens and your Home

Published On: June 22, 2015|Categories: Retractable Screens|

Summertime is here and it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. Spending time on your patio or deck is a popular pastime during the summer months. But sometimes the blinding glare and heat of the summer sun can make your time on the patio less enjoyable. What’s the solution? Why not try installing retractable roll screens?

Retractable Rollscreen

How do they work? Retractable roll screens are installed on the exterior of windows and patios and provide you with a comfortable space to relax. The screens are multifunctional providing several features in one unique product. A popular choice are Habitat retractable screens.  These screens are like sunglasses for your home. They provide shade, privacy, UV protection and insect protection.

Solar Protection in your Backyard

Habitat retractable screens provide superior solar protection for your home with no obstruction of the view. They are installed on the outside of your home and are fully retractable. They provide UV protection for you and your home, blocking the sun’s harmful rays. This means that you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. And your home furnishing won’t become faded and dull from the sun’s rays blazing in your home. With your home shaded from the sun’s powerful rays, you can enjoy the view in comfort. These screens can be installed over your windows or over a patio or deck enclosure.

Privacy with Retractable Roll Screens

An added bonus of using the habitat retractable screens is complete daytime privacy. The screens allow you a clear view of the outdoors while shading the view to the interior of your home from the outside world. This gives you added privacy and security.  The security comes in knowing that the contents of your home will not be visible to anyone on the outside thereby deterring would be thieves from entering your home.

Avoid Mosquito Bites at Night

Habitat retractable screens that are used in a patio or deck enclosure provide the added functionality of protecting you and your family from insects. The screens provide a clear view of the outdoors but obstruct insects from entering your living spaces. This gives you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your outdoor living space without the fear of pesky insects interrupting your enjoyment.

Habitat retractable screens can be used on windows, patios and decks, sunrooms, spa enclosures, and garages. The screens are retractable using a crank system or you can have them installed with an automated retracting system. The automated system can be set to automatically engage the screens when sunlight touches your home. They are available in three weave densities from 6% to 20%. They are also available in 30 thermoscreen fabric colours and 4 standard frame colours.

So as you can see, habitat retractable screens are the best solution when looking for a product to protect you and your home from the sun’s rays. They are multi-functional, providing solar protection, privacy and insect protection, habitat retractable screens are an excellent choice for your home.

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