Benefits of Sun, wind, and rain sensors for your awning, screen, and patio roof

Published On: February 2, 2023|Categories: Awnings|

If you are considering installing a retractable awning, screen, or patio roof for your Ottawa home, you may already be envisioning how you will be able to better enjoy your outdoor space. Perhaps you even have fond memories of a similar outdoor setup at your parent’s or grandparent’s home. But today’s retractable awnings and patio roofs are much different than the ones of the past. Many of them can be equipped with technology such as wind, rain, and sun sensors that come with their own set of benefits. 

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Types of sensors

Wind sensors – these will come in the form of either a vibration detector or a device that looks similar to a weather vane. Placed directly on the awning, this sensor will detect strong winds and, depending on the speed of the wind, will automatically retract the awning. 

Rain sensor – Rain sensors are especially helpful when you have a textile or fabric cover for your awning or patio roof, as they can help protect the cover from being damaged by water. A rain sensor allows your patio, pergola or other structure to be closed completely, both to protect your covering as well as any furniture or other items you may have inside. 

Sun sensor – A sun sensor will help to keep your outdoor patio space cool and comfortable, as well as protect your belongings from UV rays. When strong direct sunlight hits the sensor, the awning will automatically open, or the screen will automatically lower to protect a certain area of the space and keep it shaded. 

What are the benefits of wind, rain, and sun sensors?

Protection for your awning – strong winds and storms can damage awnings. With proper weather sensors, you won’t have to worry if you forget to close your awning after use and an unexpected storm whips up. The sensor, along with your motorized awning, can retract your awning for you. 

Customizable – weather sensors can be customized to suit your preferences and sensitivities. For example, some people may prefer more or less sun, so the sun sensors can be pre-programmed accordingly.

Save on energy – Sun sensors will help control how much direct sun is getting into your home and, therefore, will also impact how hard your air conditioner is to work. This means reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills! 

Ease of use – most weather sensors are straightforward to install and operate. They work automatically with changes in the weather, and many can also be controlled with an app through your smartphone or tablet. 

Unobtrusive – today’s weather sensors are small, and if you didn’t know it was there, you might not even notice it. Additionally, if you have multiple products, they may all be controllable with the same sensor. 

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