The Benefits Of Having Rollshutters In The Winter

Published On: October 15, 2015|Categories: Rollshutters|

As colder weather descends on the Ottawa region, you’ll be relying more on your home heating system to get you and your family through the winter months. Having an effective heating system is essential to keeping the inside of your home warm and comfortable, but having something on the outside of your home can help too, have you ever considered having rollshutters installed in your home? Rollshutters don’t always come to mind when you’re thinking about home heating and energy efficiency, but they can have an impact on both your comfort and your utility bill.

House Rollshutter

Keep the warm air where you want it

While your furnace is chugging along through the cold Ottawa winter, the warm air it produces can escape through your windows. As a result, you might feel a little chilly even inside your home, and you might be forced to turn the thermostat up even higher. Rollshutters help keep the warm air that you need in the winter inside your home, making for a more comfortable living space.

Rollshutters closed on winter nights, when windows are not receiving direct sunlight, can reinforce your home’s thermal envelope – the shell of the building which acts as a barrier to the unwanted transfer of heat from the interior to the exterior of the house.

Talius rollshutters in particular have been proven to improve what’s known as the R-value of windows. The R-value is a measurement of thermal resistance. The better the R-value of your windows, the more heat they will keep inside your home. When Talius rollshutters are closed at night, they can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 20%.

Save on your winter energy bill

If you’re able to keep more warm air inside your home, your heating system won’t have to work as hard, and keeping your thermostat at a relatively constant level will help you save on your energy bills through the winter. Again looking at Talius rollshutters, studies have shown that when they’re closed at night, you could see a 4% drop in the amount of energy you use on home heating.

A safety note on rollshutters and fireplaces

If you have an open fireplace in your home that you use to supplement your heating system, or if you just enjoy the ambience it creates, it’s a good idea keep your rollshutters open and unlocked when there’s a fire burning.

Other benefits for your home

In addition to the heating and energy advantages that rollshutters offer, they can benefit your home in other ways as well. Rollshutters provide a layer of security for your home by putting a strong barrier in front of breakable windows.

When your rollshutters are down, they can prove to be a visible deterrent for would-be burglars. They’re especially useful if you’re planning to escape the cold and head out of the Ottawa area for a few days this winter. It’s a good call to keep your rollshutters down and locked if you’re away from home for any extended period of time.

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