Four-Season Protection from the Elements

Exterior Rollshutters

Rollshutters are a great addition to your home or business when you are looking to increase your security and protect your property against damage caused by inclement weather or UV damage from the sun.

Rolling shutters offer great protection for large windows, porches, and entry and patio doors. The shutters can be stopped in any position to let in full, partial, or no light at all. Keep it out in the summer and let it in in the winter. Additionally, they offer energy savings, privacy and security, while enhancing the value and beauty of the home.

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Benefits of Rollshutters include:

  • Home, Cottage or Business Security

  • Reduced Insurance Rates

  • UV Protection

  • Weather Protection

  • Privacy

  • Noise Reduction

  • Reduced Energy Costs

Security & Protection
Noise & Light Control

Rollshutters help to add security to any property by protecting windows and doors that otherwise get broken into. This makes them an ideal solution for storage areas or for homeowners who are away for extended periods of time.

Additionally, they provide protection from inclement weather such as high winds, hail, etc.

Rollshutters provide the additional benefit of preventing outside noise, which might be important for shift workers, migraine sufferers and others that need a quiet environment. They can also create a complete blackout situation, which can create a good environment for sleeping or a home theatre.

For those concerned about energy efficiency, Talius rollshutters have proven to significantly improve the R-value of your windows and, when closed at night, can reduce heat loss through windows by 20% and reduce heating energy use by 4% (NRCAN, 2009).

Our Rollshutters at Work

Security Shutters for Cottages

Roll Shutters offer an affordable way to keep your cottage protected in the Ottawa area. Apart from providing protection from forced entry break-ins and vandalism, security shutters will keep your cottage guarded against curious critters like bears, raccoons or squirrels.

You’ll also have peace of mind when it comes to storm protection, as our rollshutter system protects the exposed glass from mother nature’s harshest elements. You will never have to worry about a fallen tree branch smashing through your window during a heavy windstorm again.

There are very little maintenance costs associated with roll shutters, and our security solutions provide a solid barrier to meet many of your security needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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Henry installed our awning a few years ago. Great price and excellent customer service. Was having a minor issue today and sent him an email at 6:00pm on Friday afternoon. He called me back within ten minutes and helped me fix the problem over the phone in 2 minutes. Couldn’t ask for better customer service and support. I would highly recommend this company.
Sean Tobin
Was a pleasure working with the Jan’s team. Professional workmanship and very happy with the final product. Screens are a great additional to our outdoor space.
Joe Carvalho
On the recommendation of a neighbour we contacted Jans Awnings and Rollshutters for a quote on a deck awning. Henry Jans came to our house for a contactless quote. We were happy with the price and chose a fabric. The installers were polite, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. We’re very happy with the results.
John Rest
Jans Awnings (Woodlawn/Ottawa) does high quality work with high quality products. Great installation, great service. We are so pleased with our retractable screen. An outdoor room…with no mosquitoes!
Heather Knudsen
It was the best experience ever it is our 10th Anniversary owning a product that still functions and performs super well all these years! Keep up the good work to Mr. Jans and I try to forward clients and potential customers every time we see a home that needs a dress up!
Thomas Grasza
Jans does quality work. The owner is hands on and makes sure that the clients are happy. I would recommend them to anyone.
Earl Spinks
Very pleased with the awning, installation staff did an excellent job removing an old awning and matching vinyl siding that had to be replaced.
Ted Gillespie
Installed my custom awnings on commercial building and they look great.
John Cavanagh
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