3 of the Best Patio Shade Solutions

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Many of us have been waiting for the opportunity to enjoy time outside while hosting family and friends. And finally, the warm weather has arrived!

Backyard Patio Screen


Sometimes, spending time on your deck during the spring and summer months can become limited due to the heat. The good news? A patio shade can let you enjoy your patio for as long as you want – while remaining shaded from the sun!  Here are three of the best patio shade solutions for you to install this season.

1. Retractable Screening

Without blocking the view or detracting from architectural design, retractable screens can provide a great shade solution for large areas. Whether you have a garage, patio, porch, gazebo or another large opening, retractable screens are barely visible when in use – and disappear entirely when not in use.

Besides reducing the sun’s glare, they increase natural ventilation while keeping annoying insects out. Plus, they provide additional security to your home.

Motorized retractable screens provide the most convenient way to help you enjoy your private, protected space. Designed to be as easy as possible to use, motorized retractable screens provide a great way to entertain friends and family while remaining comfortable from the sun’s glare.

2. Talius Habitat Screens

Talius Habitat Screens provide a great solution to avoid the sun’s glare while enjoying privacy in your home. By being installed on the exterior of windows, the sun’s heat and glare are absorbed and reflected due to the screen’s material.

Since a Talius habitat screen prevents the sun’s heat from hitting the window, you can enjoy a view without the sun’s glare! Plus, extra privacy is afforded during the day and night.

Ask us about how Talius habitat screens can also provide protection against insects!

3. Retractable Shades and Balcony Shades

If you have a balcony or veranda and are looking for a reprieve from the sun, retractable shades and balcony shades are a great solution!

Without blocking your view of the outdoors, retractable shades and balcony shades provide shelter from the sun and light rain. While looking fashionable, they can help provide numerous extra hours of enjoyment in your backyard – and can even add wind protection!

Regardless of the shape of your deck or patio, retractable shades can easily convert it into a cool and comfortable outdoor space. No wall is required, making retractable shades easy to adapt to an existing structure. Fading is a non-issue due to the number of great fabrics used that are fade resistant.

With the push of a button, ShadeFX Retractable Canopies can provide shade protection for up to 600 square feet. Have an even bigger area? Combine multiple canopies to protect whatever sized space required!

If desired, the canopy can be opened to whatever area you would like shade or protection from rain to be – leaving the rest of the area exposed to the outdoors.

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Get the most out of the warm weather season by installing a patio shade! Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters to learn about all the options available.

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