Retractable Shades, a Stylish Solution for your Sunny Patio

Published On: June 28, 2017|Categories: Retractable Shades|

Is your outdoor space too hot to enjoy? Could you use a little more privacy? Does a light rain drive you indoors? You might be in the market for an affordable, attractive and functional solution like retractable shades.

Sitting in the Shade


Retractable shades can provide a stylish solution to all those outdoor nuisances. A great deck or patio that can’t be enjoyed during those too short summer month, is no good. With the protection that retractable shades provide, you will able to make the most of the season and find renewed joy in the outdoors.

The sun can be your best friend. If the sun on your deck is too hot and too sunny, it can also be your enemy. Anything that lays out in the hot sun throughout the day will heat up and in the case of your deck, can become too uncomfortable to even stand on. Retractable shades, attached to an awning or pergola will provide the kind of shelter that will ultimately lower the heat on your deck, making if a more pleasurable experience.

If privacy is a premium on your property, you’re going to love what retractable shades can do for you. A retractable shade on an existing shade structure will add privacy, just where you need it. They made a great solution for spa areas and high decks. Retractable shades can be made in just about any size and will blend nicely into your existing outdoor oasis.

A light rain is no excuse to pack it in when you have retractable shades. When the sun is shining, retractable screens will let in the sunshine but when the skies open up, they can provide just enough protection from the rain. Your barbecue will not be ruined when you have retractable shades. They can be a game changer. A light rain is no match for your retractable shades.

Retractable shades are versatile. Where no other solutions exist because of shape or location, a retractable shade will do the trick. They are great for balconies too. They come in an array of colours and pattern, providing something for every taste. These fabrics are resistant to fading and tough as nails, making them strong enough to withstand wind and rain and all that sun. They can be installed just about anywhere that traditional roof structures won’t work.

Retractable shades are a great addition to any outdoor space. Retractable Shades will open up your season, providing you more time outdoors. With the short warm season that Southern Ontario brings, anything that will keep you outside longer, enjoying the investment you’ve made in your backyard, is a good thing.

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