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Published On: January 5, 2018|Categories: Retractable Shades, Rollshutters, Screened Rooms|

Looking for more liveable space at the cottage? If you don’t mind the long drive and the decreased amenities, but hate the bugs and inclement weather that cottage country can bring, consider an investment in the outdoor space of your cottage. Make your stay at the cottage a little more comfortable with an enclosure that suits your needs and helps keep the pests outside, where they belong.

Screened room at the cottage

Roll Shutters

Roll shutters a great addition to any deck, gazebo, pavilion or cottage. Roll shutters are made of aluminum and are retractable. They work well to keep the sun and rain from that outdoor party. They can be applied to the existing windows of the cottage, including a sunroom. Roll shutters are versatile in that you get to determine just how much sun is too much. Roll shutters are motorized for your convenience. The brilliance of roll shutters is that they are also a security feature that will make a great addition to the security repertoire of your cottage. Most cottage owners do not live at the cottage year-round. Having the extra security that roll shutters provide will give you extra comfort in knowing your home away from home is safe and sound.

Screened Rooms

A screened room increases your living space at the cottage. If you own a cottage, you most certainly have a love for the outdoors, Sometimes the outdoors can be uncomfortable. Bugs and excessive sun can put a damper on the gorgeous days spent at the cottage. Creating a screened room can help with this. Whether you have an existing roof structure such as a pavilion or gazebo or are looking to have one built, adding screens, will add to the protection and comfort this living space can provide. A screened room will keep the bugs out and protect from exposure to the sun while still allowing that beautiful breeze to come through.

Retractable Screens

The only thing better than the protection screens can provide is the protection retractable screens can give.  Retractable screens can provide a barrier to the outdoors while keeping your options open. Whether it be for your deck, patio, garage or spa area, retractable screens will add both comfort and versatility. A retractable screen will provide protection from the sun and the bugs. Privacy can also be enjoyed when retractable screens are used at the cottage. When they aren’t needed, they go away, giving you full exposure when desired.

Increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors while at the cottage is always the goal. A little investment in your outdoor space with screens or shutters can get the job done and keep you outside longer.

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