4 Reasons Why Your Ottawa Business Needs an Entrance Canopy

Published On: November 14, 2019|Categories: Commercial Awnings|

Your building only has one opportunity to make a great first impression to customers and guests. Entrance canopies are one of the best ways to make it memorable! Here are four of the most popular reasons why Ottawa and area business owners invest in an entrance canopy for their properties.

Entrance Canopy


Reason #1: Entrance Canopies provide protection from weather

From extreme sun to rain to hail to snow, our Ottawa weather oftentimes does not make it enjoyable to wait outside at a building’s entrance!

Installing an entrance canopy outside your business provides an opportunity for visitors to stay protected from the weather elements as they wait to enter. This shows that you care about the well-being of your guests and customers and want them to feel comfortable waiting outside – no matter what the weather has in store.

Reason #2: They provide added security

With their ability to include lighting, entrance marquees can help illuminate entranceways, providing guests and visitors with added security.

Keeping your building’s entrance well lit can also deter potential vandalism from happening, providing you (and your visitors) with additional peace of mind.

Reason #3: They can be customized to meet your particular business’ needs

When it comes to entrance canopies, there is no “one size fits all” approach! Each entrance canopy that we create is custom made with your choice of colours and materials. This means that we are able to manufacture the perfect entrance canopy to fit your space and building’s aesthetics. Since trussing or frame configurations are customizable, the only limitation on the design of your entrance canopy is your imagination!

Many business owners choose to have their company’s logo incorporated onto their entrance canopy. And why not? It’s a great way to promote your business and make it easily recognizable to passersby.

Our graphics experts can work with you to design painted, decal or digitally printed graphics that will best match your company’s branding.

Reason #4: Business Canopies are aesthetically appealing

On a street lined with other businesses, it can be easy to blend in without a distinguishing factor. Entrance canopies can be just that!

Not only are they a great way to decorate an otherwise bland business entrance, but entrance canopies can provide easy identification to your building’s entrance. Sometimes building entrances can be hard to find, with potential customers leaving in frustration and not actually entering your business. Othertimes, an entrance simply doesn’t stand out enough from the neighbouring businesses to attract street traffic.

Entrance canopies are an excellent, eye-attracting feature for your storefront. Available in a variety of professional looks, many entrance canopies come with durable finishes that will last many years. Choose from plenty of fabrics or different types of lightweight, strong steel when designing a suitable entrance canopy for your business.

Need help choosing an attractive entrance canopy that will bring more traffic to your Ottawa-based business? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about how an entrance canopy is a wonderful investment for your business.

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