5 Benefits of a Commercial Awning 

Published On: July 27, 2020|Categories: Commercial Awnings|

When you run a business, you may have the luxury of owning the building you operate out of, or you may have to share space with other businesses. Either way, you’ll want to find ways to make your business better, and you’re likely looking for ways to enhance the physical space of your business. A commercial awning can be a great addition to any business space and a very worthwhile investment. Here are five benefits to having a commercial awning in front of your Ottawa business.


Patio Awning Restaurant


Improved Advertising with Commercial Awnings

An awning sticks out from the building, and it can double as an advertising space. Unique awnings with branding on them will give your business visibility and make it memorable to those passing by. Furthermore, if your business is the only one in the area with an awning in front of it, then it’s sure to catch people’s eyes.

Increased Usable Space

This is especially important if your business is a restaurant or café (and even more important in the era of physical distancing). With an awning on the outside of your business space, you can create some sitting space outdoors for your customers to enjoy. The awning provides shade from the sun and protection from the rain if your customers want to sit outside.

Increased Visibility with Commercial Awnings

A business with a unique or colourful awning on the front will always stick out in people’s minds. Whether they remember the name of your business or not, they will remember what it looked like. By giving your customers something unique to remember, they can recommend you to their friends, and bring more business in.

Storefront Protection from the Elements

Do you have a big window in the front of your store that is perfect for displaying your product, but you’re worried about the sun ruining it? Placing an awning over the storefront of your business can help provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays so you can set up that beautiful display you’ve been dreaming about. Furthermore, when the weather turns cold during one of those frigid Ottawa winters, an awning will reduce the amount of snow and slush that gathers in front of your business. In turn, this will minimize the amount of snow and sidewalk salt that is dragged into your store when customers come in. The less snow coming into your store, the better all-around it will look and easy for you to keep clean.

Save Money on Utilities

If you pay for the utilities for the space that you use for your business, then this benefit is a big deal for you. If your shop gets a lot of sun exposure, then having an awning in front of it can help reduce the amount of heat that comes in during the day. The less heat that’s coming in means less cooling you’ll have to do. Additionally, you could invest in a retractable awning so that you could get the benefits of the sun in the winter and warm your store naturally.

The storefront of your business is what customers will remember, and an awning can help increase the presence of your Ottawa business. Give your customers something to remember you by, and to recognize your store right away.

If you would like to explore the options for a commercial awning for your business, we can help. Contact Jans Awnings and Rollshutters today.

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