The Benefits of Restaurant Patio Awnings

Published On: April 14, 2021|Categories: Commercial Awnings|

For restauranteurs in Ottawa, it is time to start preparing for patio season. As the province begins to open up more following the COVID-19 pandemic, there is bound to be pent-up demand for dining out, while hesitancy to dine indoors could still remain a factor. This means that this year’s patio season is likely to be busier and longer than it has been in years past.

If this is your first year operating with a patio, or you have previously only operated an uncovered patio, this may be the year to consider investing in a restaurant patio awning. The commercial awnings offered by Jans Awnings and Rollshutters in Ottawa are attractive, durable, and constructed to withstand even high winds.

Patio Awning Restaurant

The Benefits


A patio awning can draw positive attention toward your building. Our commercial awnings are available in a wide range of colours that can help to pull the eye toward an otherwise unremarkable building. Furthermore, your awning can be customized to fit your unique brand, whether it be through choosing the correct colours or having your logo or restaurant name printed on it.

Provides Shelter for Your Patrons

Not everyone likes to sit in the hot sun. Awnings provide welcome shade and relief on a hot summer’s day.

Furthermore, your restaurant patio awning will also protect your guests from light rain. Due to the pandemic, you may find that many of your guests will still be uncomfortable with indoor dining yet still willing to sit outside on a patio. Without shelter, however, a rainy day is likely to eliminate this option for them as well.

A restaurant patio awning makes it possible for your guests to dine outside even when there is light rain.

More Lighting Options

The right outdoor lighting means that you can extend the time that your guests can enjoy your patio well into the evening. With an awning, you get more lighting options since lights can be hung from the awning, or spotlights can be shone against the awning to create better visibility for both patrons and wait staff.

Extend Your Patio Season

As mentioned, the 2021 patio season is likely to be longer than most. Between reluctance to dine indoors and uncertainty about Provincial regulations, more restauranteurs will have to find ways to maximize the use of their patios.

Since an awning can make a restaurant patio feel more comfortable and allow it to be used even when it is raining or when it is dark outside (with the addition of lights), the addition of an awning can be a smart investment for any Ottawa restaurant owner.

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