Planning and Hosting a Backyard Dinner Party

Published On: August 15, 2016|Categories: Outdoor Living|

Even though the summer season is coming to a close, it is still plenty hot to host a backyard dinner party. From planning the affair, checking the weather reports, seating and shaded areas, to entertaining the kids, you’ll want to take some simple steps to make the occasion a fun and comfortable event for everyone on your list. By following these pointers, you’ll have a successful day that everyone will remember with fond memories and delight.

Summer Backyard Get-together

The Invitation

Instead of texting, emailing or posting the invitation on Facebook, just call your friends and speak directly to the folks you want to hang out with for the day. You might say something like, “Hey, I’m hosting a barbecue get-together at my house and I would really love for you to be there.” Tell them the date and let them know that you’ll follow up by text or email so they have the details, your address, and the start time for reference later.

Let Your Guests Bring Stuff

If your guest asks to bring something, accept the offer graciously. On the other hand, don’t compromise the event’s theme (if there is one) that you’re trying to achieve. You can use this opportunity to allow your friends to help provide the things you don’t own enough of, whether its chairs, plastic wine glasses, dishes, utensils, or umbrellas. You can suggest that they bring one for each person that arrives in their group. If someone texts you on route to the house and ask if there is something they can pick up on the way, a bag of ice is always a welcomed addition.

Attire for the Get-together

There is nothing worse than showing up to a backyard dinner party in your bathing suit when the ladies are wearing sundresses and the guys are in slacks and shirts. Inform your guest ahead of time what the attire will be for the event. If you happen to have a swimming pool that is going to be utilized, remind everyone to bring along their bathing suits and additional towels.

Rain Plans

You’re always going to try to plan your event during good weather, but in the event of sudden inclement weather in the forecast two days before the event, remember to let your guests know of a date change or no date change, regardless of the weather.


When the sun goes down, you’ll want to light up the area instead of keeping your guests in the dark. Ambient lighting like patio lanterns, walkway lighting, patio torches, and lots of candles will create an atmosphere that is sure to please. Hang strings of lights on the deck, the fence, tree branches, and add some hurricane lanterns. Globe string lights are elegant round bulbs that give off a warm glow.

Entertaining the Kids

While the grownups are enjoying their Sangria, plan to have some entertainment for the kids if they’re invited. Stock up on plenty of blowing bubbles, perhaps a sprinkler, or a Slip ’N Slide, and if you have a pool, lots of beach balls and water toys. Also, don’t forget the Piñata for an extra special treat!

Seating and Shade for Guests

If you feel awkward asking your invitees to supply additional chairs, you can always access your indoor furniture. The easiest option is to bring out the dining or kitchen chairs and put them into service. A picnic table also works well for additional dinner seating along with any drum stools you might have in the house.  The other option for additional seating is renting, which can be a surprisingly cheap way to go. Vendors will often even drop off and pick up the chairs.

You may also want to have more than one shaded area for your guests to relax and stay cool. If you have an awning over the patio area, this is a perfect place and solution for seating guests in a location with more shade. Outdoor umbrellas or renting tents also work well for coverage from the scorching sun’s heat and another option to consider.

If you’re the kind of host that likes to make use of their backyard as much as possible while the warm weather lasts, an awning is definitely a good investment. Contact us today and our experts at Jans Awnings and Rollshutters will help you find the right awning that matches your home and style.

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