What to Consider When Purchasing Patio Furniture

Published On: June 20, 2016|Categories: Outdoor Living|

While there are loads of things to consider when choosing furniture for your patio, style should be at the top of the list. The style you decide on should be unique to you, get along with your existing outdoor space and complement your awning.

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Deciding on your own personal style can be harder than you think. You will buy patio furniture only a few times throughout your lifetime. Choose wisely but don’t let the process stress you out. If you don’t know where to start, get educated. Visit your local patio furniture store to explore your options. Cushion colour isn’t the only choice you’ll have to make. What style your furniture will be, what materials your patio furniture will be made of and of course, you’ll need to consider your outdoor seating needs. The size of your deck or patio, how much seating you need and what kind of seating will all need to be considered. Then there’s the budget. Lining up your style with the budget is essential. This can be tricky. Difficult but not impossible.


Your backyard and indeed your entire outdoor space will help to dictate which patio furniture you choose. An already beautiful space should be enhanced and added too. If a koi pond is the centerpiece of your backyard, colourful plastic Adirondack chairs aren’t likely to fit in. Likewise, if an outdoor stove is the pride of your backyard, you will want to ensure that any patio furniture purchase you make includes an eating component. If your patio or deck is only big enough for a bistro set, don’t try to fit more. Comfort levels may be sacrificed when you don’t pay attention to dimensions. Having a larger patio furniture piece can make it difficult to adhere to this rule. Creating a small drawing of your backyard space will help to keep size in check and even help you to visualize that new patio furniture.


Coordinating your new patio furniture into your existing outdoor space is essential. You will want to consider many different elements when deciding on the style, colour and size of any furniture you place on your deck and don’t forget to look up. Your awning needs consideration as well.


Very few of us will ever create an outdoor space all at once. If you already have an awning, plan around it. Ask yourself a few questions. What is it’s purpose? What colour is your awning? Is there a pattern in the fabric? Will you enjoy eating under your awning or lounging? Is your awning big enough for both? If your awning boasts a colourful patterned fabric, stick to a solid colour when deciding on cushion colour for your new patio furniture. Likewise, if you awning is in a neutral tone, you may take the opportunity to add some bright colour to your deck or patio. Choosing new patio furniture should be fun! Take it slow, get out and find out what’s available and then you can bring new life to your outdoor space.


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