Decorating Your Aluminum Awning for Halloween

Published On: October 12, 2016|Categories: Fixed Aluminum Awnings|

It’s almost time to dig out the decorations for Halloween and set a ghostly mood at your house to welcome enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. Many homeowners discover that casting creepy characters in a spooky haven for scaring and delighting the locals is both fun and easy to achieve.

Halloween Trick or Treaters


You’ll want to make a frightening, enchanting yet hair-raising statement when the youngsters arrive at your house. Your home can become a desirable neighbourhood destination, using an assortment of exterior features that is sure to convey the highly anticipated night of the dead.

If you already have a fixed aluminum awning, it’s a great fixture to anchor Halloween decorations or build a Halloween theme without spending a lot to create a creepy Halloween experience. What better way to greet them than to decorate your awning, front porch, door and entryway with a wicked welcome in the spirit of Halloween in Ottawa.

And decorating your aluminum awning is a great place to begin your haunted abode, like making the awning area turn into a bat cave. This dauntingly scary and frightfully fun cavern not only spooks up your front porch for visitors but creates a Halloween signature location to visit in the neighbourhood.

An awning is the ideal spot for hanging Halloween lights or creating a massive spider web with spider webbing anchored at the corners. To spruce it up even more you can add a chock-full of fake spiders to the giant web.

A great scary appearance is to perch realistic looking skeletons on the top of the awning with their legs dangling over the edge for a scary looking passageway to the front door. This will frighten even the most fearless Halloween visitor!

Awnings are a great place to hand cut out silhouettes of different spooky creatures, like witches, goblins and bugs while having them dangle and move about in the night breeze. You can even attach a giant, black hairy spider as a bone-chilling bonus!

Complement your frightfully festooned awning by adorning any furniture you might have at the front door with Halloween decorations. The use of black pillows, spooky cats sitting on the front settee or a witch/scarecrow sitting on the porch will cast a frighteningly delightful shelter.

Underneath the awning is perfect for displaying lighted pumpkins, scary faced jack-o-lanterns, scream-worthy scarecrows, zombies or sounds from a Halloween DVD. With a few simple, (yet effective) Halloween decorations, you can make your residence the most unique and frightening house on the block for the trick-or-treaters to visit!


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